Gaurav Mohanty
Gaurav Mohanty
Materials Science, Tampere University, Finland
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Grain refinement mechanism of nickel-based superalloy by severe plastic deformation-mechanical machining case
Z Liao, M Polyakov, OG Diaz, D Axinte, G Mohanty, X Maeder, J Michler, ...
Acta Materialia 180, 2-14, 2019
Elevated temperature, strain rate jump microcompression of nanocrystalline nickel
G Mohanty, JM Wheeler, R Raghavan, J Wehrs, M Hasegawa, S Mischler, ...
Philosophical Magazine 95 (16-18), 1878-1895, 2015
Longitudinal twinning in a TiAl alloy at high temperature by in situ microcompression
TEJ Edwards, F Di Gioacchino, G Mohanty, J Wehrs, J Michler, WJ Clegg
Acta Materialia 148, 202-215, 2018
Comparison of in situ micromechanical strain-rate sensitivity measurement techniques
J Wehrs, G Mohanty, G Guillonneau, AA Taylor, X Maeder, D Frey, ...
Jom 67, 1684-1693, 2015
Transverse deformation of a lamellar TiAl alloy at high temperature by in situ microcompression
TEJ Edwards, F Di Gioacchino, AJ Goodfellow, G Mohanty, J Wehrs, ...
Acta Materialia 166, 85-99, 2019
Room temperature stress relaxation in nanocrystalline Ni measured by micropillar compression and miniature tension
G Mohanty, J Wehrs, BL Boyce, A Taylor, M Hasegawa, L Philippe, ...
J. Mater. Res 31 (8), 1086, 2016
Key-features in processing and microstructure for achieving giant electrostriction in gadolinium doped ceria thin films
M Hadad, H Ashraf, G Mohanty, C Sandu, P Muralt
Acta Materialia 118, 1-7, 2016
An Unexpected Role of Hyaluronic Acid in Trafficking siRNA Across the Cellular Barrier: The First Biomimetic, Anionic, Non‐Viral Transfection Method
M Paidikondala, VK Rangasami, GN Nawale, T Casalini, G Perale, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (9), 2815-2819, 2019
In situ micromechanical testing of tungsten micro-cantilevers using HR-EBSD for the assessment of deformation evolution
J Ast, G Mohanty, Y Guo, J Michler, X Maeder
Materials & Design 117, 265-266, 2017
Novel high temperature vacuum nanoindentation system with active surface referencing and non-contact heating for measurements up to 800 C
M Conte, G Mohanty, JJ Schwiedrzik, JM Wheeler, B Bellaton, J Michler, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (4), 2019
Multistage Reversible Tg Photomodulation and Hardening of Hydrazone-Containing Polymers
S Yang, JD Harris, A Lambai, LL Jeliazkov, G Mohanty, H Zeng, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (40), 16348-16353, 2021
Optimization of electrophoretic deposition of alumina onto steel substrates from its suspension in iso-propanol using statistical design of experiments
G Mohanty, L Besra, S Bhattacharjee, BP Singh
Materials Research Bulletin 43 (7), 1814-1828, 2008
Deformation of lamellar γ-TiAl below the general yield stress
TEJ Edwards, F Di Gioacchino, AJ Goodfellow, G Mohanty, J Wehrs, ...
Acta Materialia 163, 122-139, 2019
Understanding the mechanical behavior of fiber/matrix interfaces during push-in tests by means of finite element simulations and a cohesive zone model
D Esqué-de los Ojos, R Ghisleni, A Battisti, G Mohanty, J Michler, J Sort, ...
Computational Materials Science 117, 330-337, 2016
Electrodeposition of dilute Ni-W alloy with enhanced thermal stability: Accessing nanotwinned to nanocrystalline microstructures
M Hasegawa, G Guillonneau, X Maeder, G Mohanty, J Wehrs, J Michler, ...
Materials Today Communications 12, 63-71, 2017
Interplay of stresses, plasticity at crack tips and small sample dimensions revealed by in-situ microcantilever tests in tungsten
J Ast, MN Polyakov, G Mohanty, J Michler, X Maeder
Materials Science and Engineering: A 710, 400-412, 2018
Microscale resolution fracture toughness profiling at the zirconia-porcelain interface in dental prostheses
AJG Lunt, G Mohanty, TK Neo, J Michler, AM Korsunsky
Micro+ Nano materials, devices, and systems 9668, 574-584, 2015
Ultrafast elemental mapping of materials combinatorial libraries and high-throughput screening samples via pulsed glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy
G Gamez, G Mohanty, J Michler
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 28 (7), 1016-1023, 2013
Mapping strain fields induced in Zr-based bulk metallic glasses during in-situ nanoindentation by X-ray nanodiffraction
J Gamcová, G Mohanty, Š Michalik, J Wehrs, J Bednarčík, C Krywka, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (3), 2016
Mechanical properties and interface toughness of metal filled nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide coatings on aluminum
J Zechner, G Mohanty, C Frantz, H Cebeci, L Philippe, J Michler
Surface and Coatings Technology 260, 246-250, 2014
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