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Luke K Ursell
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The impact of the gut microbiota on human health: an integrative view
JC Clemente, LK Ursell, LW Parfrey, R Knight
Cell 148 (6), 1258-1270, 2012
Gut microbiota from twins discordant for obesity modulate metabolism in mice
VK Ridaura, JJ Faith, FE Rey, J Cheng, AE Duncan, AL Kau, NW Griffin, ...
Science 341 (6150), 1241214, 2013
A communal catalogue reveals Earth’s multiscale microbial diversity
LR Thompson, JG Sanders, D McDonald, A Amir, J Ladau, KJ Locey, ...
Nature 551 (7681), 457-463, 2017
Defining the human microbiome
LK Ursell, JL Metcalf, LW Parfrey, R Knight
Nutrition reviews 70 (suppl_1), S38-S44, 2012
Gut microbiomes of Malawian twin pairs discordant for kwashiorkor
MI Smith, T Yatsunenko, MJ Manary, I Trehan, R Mkakosya, J Cheng, ...
Science 339 (6119), 548-554, 2013
Longitudinal analysis of microbial interaction between humans and the indoor environment
S Lax, DP Smith, J Hampton-Marcell, SM Owens, KM Handley, NM Scott, ...
Science 345 (6200), 1048-1052, 2014
Correlation detection strategies in microbial data sets vary widely in sensitivity and precision
S Weiss, W Van Treuren, C Lozupone, K Faust, J Friedman, Y Deng, ...
The ISME journal 10 (7), 1669-1681, 2016
Advancing our understanding of the human microbiome using QIIME
JA Navas-Molina, JM Peralta-Sánchez, A González, PJ McMurdie, ...
Methods in enzymology 531, 371-444, 2013
Subsampled open-reference clustering creates consistent, comprehensive OTU definitions and scales to billions of sequences
JR Rideout, Y He, JA Navas-Molina, WA Walters, LK Ursell, SM Gibbons, ...
PeerJ 2, e545, 2014
Genetic control of obesity and gut microbiota composition in response to high-fat, high-sucrose diet in mice
BW Parks, E Nam, E Org, E Kostem, F Norheim, ST Hui, C Pan, M Civelek, ...
Cell metabolism 17 (1), 141-152, 2013
Subsistence strategies in traditional societies distinguish gut microbiomes
AJ Obregon-Tito, RY Tito, J Metcalf, K Sankaranarayanan, JC Clemente, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6505, 2015
Complex interactions among diet, gastrointestinal transit, and gut microbiota in humanized mice
PC Kashyap, A Marcobal, LK Ursell, M Larauche, H Duboc, KA Earle, ...
Gastroenterology 144 (5), 967-977, 2013
The interpersonal and intrapersonal diversity of human-associated microbiota in key body sites
LK Ursell, JC Clemente, JR Rideout, D Gevers, JG Caporaso, R Knight
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 129 (5), 1204-1208, 2012
Bacteria from diverse habitats colonize and compete in the mouse gut
H Seedorf, NW Griffin, VK Ridaura, A Reyes, J Cheng, FE Rey, MI Smith, ...
Cell 159 (2), 253-266, 2014
The intestinal metabolome: an intersection between microbiota and host
LK Ursell, HJ Haiser, W Van Treuren, N Garg, L Reddivari, J Vanamala, ...
Gastroenterology 146 (6), 1470-1476, 2014
Genetically dictated change in host mucus carbohydrate landscape exerts a diet-dependent effect on the gut microbiota
PC Kashyap, A Marcobal, LK Ursell, SA Smits, ED Sonnenburg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (42), 17059-17064, 2013
Widespread colonization of the lung by Tropheryma whipplei in HIV infection
C Lozupone, A Cota-Gomez, BE Palmer, DJ Linderman, ES Charlson, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 187 (10), 1110-1117, 2013
Gut microbiota from twins discordant for obesity modulate metabolism in mice gut microbiota from twins metabolism in mice
VK Ridaura, JJ Faith, FE Rey, J Cheng, AE Duncan, L Kau, NW Griffi, ...
Science 341 (6150), 1241214, 2013
Commensal bacteria and MAMPs are necessary for stress-induced increases in IL-1β and IL-18 but not IL-6, IL-10 or MCP-1
T Maslanik, K Tannura, L Mahaffey, AB Loughridge, L Benninson, L Ursell, ...
PloS one 7 (12), e50636, 2012
Replenishing our defensive microbes
LK Ursell, WV Treuren, JL Metcalf, M Pirrung, A Gewirtz, R Knight
Bioessays 35 (9), 810-817, 2013
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