Tom Owen-Hughes
Tom Owen-Hughes
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Yeast Gcn5 functions in two multisubunit complexes to acetylate nucleosomal histones: characterization of an Ada complex and the SAGA (Spt/Ada) complex.
PA Grant, L Duggan, J Côté, SM Roberts, JE Brownell, R Candau, ...
Genes & development 11 (13), 1640-1650, 1997
The TAFII250 subunit of TFIID has histone acetyltransferase activity
CA Mizzen, XJ Yang, T Kokubo, JE Brownell, AJ Bannister, ...
Cell 87 (7), 1261-1270, 1996
Identification of multiple distinct Snf2 subfamilies with conserved structural motifs
A Flaus, DMA Martin, GJ Barton, T Owen-Hughes
Nucleic acids research 34 (10), 2887-2905, 2006
How many biological replicates are needed in an RNA-seq experiment and which differential expression tool should you use?
NJ Schurch, P Schofield, M Gierliński, C Cole, A Sherstnev, V Singh, ...
Rna 22 (6), 839-851, 2016
Mechanisms and functions of ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling enzymes
GJ Narlikar, R Sundaramoorthy, T Owen-Hughes
Cell 154 (3), 490-503, 2013
Poly (ADP-ribose)–dependent regulation of DNA repair by the chromatin remodeling enzyme ALC1
D Ahel, Z Hořejší, N Wiechens, SE Polo, E Garcia-Wilson, I Ahel, H Flynn, ...
science 325 (5945), 1240-1243, 2009
A method for genetically installing site-specific acetylation in recombinant histones defines the effects of H3 K56 acetylation
H Neumann, SM Hancock, R Buning, A Routh, L Chapman, J Somers, ...
Molecular cell 36 (1), 153-163, 2009
Nucleosome mobilization catalysed by the yeast SWI/SNF complex
I Whitehouse, A Flaus, BR Cairns, MF White, JL Workman, ...
Nature 400 (6746), 784-787, 1999
High-resolution nucleosome mapping reveals transcription-dependent promoter packaging
A Weiner, A Hughes, M Yassour, OJ Rando, N Friedman
Genome research 20 (1), 90-100, 2010
The chromatin-associated protein H-NS interacts with curved DNA to influence DNA topology and gene expression
TA Owen-Hughes, GD Pavitt, DS Santos, JM Sidebotham, CSJ Hulton, ...
Cell 71 (2), 255-265, 1992
Histone-like protein H1 (H-NS), DNA supercoiling, and gene expression in bacteria
CSJ Hulton, A Seirafi, JCD Hinton, JM Sidebotham, L Waddell, GD Pavitt, ...
Cell 63 (3), 631-642, 1990
Generation of superhelical torsion by ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling activities
K Havas, A Flaus, M Phelan, R Kingston, PA Wade, DMJ Lilley, ...
Cell 103 (7), 1133-1142, 2000
Persistent site-specific remodeling of a nucleosome array by transient action of the SWI/SNF complex
T Owen-Hughes, RT Utley, J Cote, CL Peterson, JL Workman
Science 273 (5274), 513-516, 1996
BAF complex vulnerabilities in cancer demonstrated via structure-based PROTAC design
W Farnaby, M Koegl, MJ Roy, C Whitworth, E Diers, N Trainor, D Zollman, ...
Nature chemical biology 15 (7), 672-680, 2019
A role for Snf2-related nucleosome-spacing enzymes in genome-wide nucleosome organization
T Gkikopoulos, P Schofield, V Singh, M Pinskaya, J Mellor, M Smolle, ...
Science 333 (6050), 1758-1760, 2011
The chromatin‐associated protein H‐NS alters DNA topology in vitro.
AE Tupper, TA Owen‐Hughes, DW Ussery, DS Santos, DJ Ferguson, ...
The EMBO journal 13 (1), 258-268, 1994
Histone H2A/H2B dimer exchange by ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling activities
M Bruno, A Flaus, C Stockdale, C Rencurel, H Ferreira, T Owen-Hughes
Molecular cell 12 (6), 1599-1606, 2003
Experimental analysis of chromatin function in transcription control.
T Owen-Hughes, JL Workman
Critical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression 4 (4), 403-441, 1994
Mechanisms for ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling
A Flaus, T Owen-Hughes
Current opinion in genetics & development 11 (2), 148-154, 2001
Protein H1: a role for chromatin structure in the regulation of bacterial gene expression and virulence?
CF Higgins, JCD Hinton, CSJ Hulton, T Owen‐Hughes, GD Pavitt, ...
Molecular microbiology 4 (12), 2007-2012, 1990
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