Aleeza C Gerstein
Aleeza C Gerstein
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Genomic convergence toward diploidy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
AC Gerstein, HJE Chun, A Grant, SP Otto
PLoS Genetics 2 (9), e145, 2006
Why have sex? The population genetics of sex and recombination
SP Otto, AC Gerstein
Biochemical Society Transactions 34 (4), 519-522, 2006
The evolution of haploidy and diploidy
SP Otto, AC Gerstein
Current Biology 18 (24), R1121-R1124, 2008
Ploidy and the causes of genomic evolution
AC Gerstein, SP Otto
Journal of Heredity 100 (5), 571-581, 2009
Polyploid Titan Cells Produce Haploid and Aneuploid Progeny To Promote Stress Adaptation
AC Gerstein*, MS Fu*, L Mukaremera, Z Li, KL Ormerod, JA Fraser, ...
mBio 6 (5), e01340-15, 2015
Haploids adapt faster than diploids across a range of environments
AC Gerstein, LA Cleathero*, MA Mandegar*, SP Otto
Journal of evolutionary biology 24 (3), 531-540, 2011
Parallel genetic changes and nonparallel gene–environment interactions characterize the evolution of drug resistance in yeast
AC Gerstein, DS Lo, SP Otto
Genetics 192 (1), 241-252, 2012
Ploidy reduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
AC Gerstein, RM McBride, SP Otto
Biology letters 4 (1), 91-94, 2008
Cryptic fitness advantage: diploids invade haploid populations despite lacking any apparent advantage as measured by standard fitness assays
AC Gerstein, SP Otto
PLoS One 6 (12), e26599, 2011
Rapid Phenotypic and Genotypic Diversification After Exposure to the Oral Host Niche in Candida albicans
A Forche, G Cromie, AC Gerstein, NV Solis, T Pisithkul, W Srifa, E Jeffery, ...
Genetics 209 (3), 725-741, 2018
Widespread Genetic Incompatibilities between First-Step Mutations during Parallel Adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to a Common Environment
J Ono, AC Gerstein, SP Otto
PLoS biology 15 (1), e1002591, 2017
Quantifying how constraints limit the diversity of viable routes to adaptation
S Yeaman, AC Gerstein, KA Hodgins, MC Whitlock
PLoS genetics 14 (10), e1007717, 2018
Loss-of-heterozygosity facilitates passage through Haldane’s sieve for Saccharomyces cerevisiae undergoing adaptation
AC Gerstein, A Kuzmin, SP Otto
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014
Mutational effects depend on ploidy level: all else is not equal
AC Gerstein
Biology letters 9 (1), 20120614, 2013
Ploidy tug‐of‐war: Evolutionary and genetic environments influence the rate of ploidy drive in a human fungal pathogen
AC Gerstein, H Lim, J Berman, MA Hickman
Evolution 71 (4), 1025-1038, 2017
Silencing Is Noisy: Population and Cell Level Noise in Telomere-Adjacent Genes Is Dependent on Telomere Position and Sir2
MZ Anderson, AC Gerstein, L Wigen, JA Baller, J Berman
PLoS Genetics 10 (7), e1004436, 2014
Shift and adapt: the costs and benefits of karyotype variations
AC Gerstein, J Berman
Current opinion in Microbiology 26, 130-136, 2015
Too Much of a Good Thing: The Unique and Repeated Paths Toward Copper Adaptation
AC Gerstein*, J Ono*, DS Lo, ML Campbell, A Kuzmin, SP Otto
Genetics 114, 171-124, 2014
DiskImageR: quantification of resistance and tolerance to antimicrobial drugs using disk diffusion assays
AC Gerstein, A Rosenberg, I Hecht, J Berman
Microbiology 162 (7), 1059-1068, 2016
It's not all about us: evolution and maintenance of Cryptococcus virulence requires selection outside the human host
AC Gerstein, K Nielsen
Yeast 34 (4), 143-154, 2017
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