Ina Kobakova
Ina Kobakova
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Effect of aqueous infusion from Cotinus coggygria leaves on indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal damage and oxidative stress in rats
D Pavlov, D Ivanova, M Eftimov, M Tzaneva, M Nashar, I Kobakova, ...
Scripta Scientifica Medica 45, 7-13, 2013
Anorectal melanoma-a histopathological case report and a review of the literature
I Kobakova, G Stoyanov, H Popov, S Spasova-Nyagulova, N Stefanova, ...
Folia Med (Plovdiv) 60 (4), 641-6, 2018
Histological Changes in Severe Diabetic Fetopathy: An Autopsy Case Report
GS Stoyanov, I Kobakova, L Stoev, H Popov, SR Shishkov, K Bratoeva
Cureus 11 (3), 2019
Balkan endemic nephropathy: an autopsy case report
GS Stoyanov, I Kobakova, L Petkova, DL Dzhenkov, H Popov
Cureus 13 (1), 2021
Gastroprotective effect of ethanolinfusi on from Cotinus coggygria wood in rats
D Pavlov, M Eftimov, M Tzaneva, D Ivanova, M Nashar, I Kobakova, ...
Scripta Scientifica Medica 45, 7-12, 2013
Quantitative Analysis of Tumor-Associated Mast Cells in Recurrent and Non-recurrent Urothelial Bladder Cancer in Stage pTa and pT1
H Popov, I Kobakova, GS Stoyanov, E Softova, P Ghenev
Cureus 13 (4), 2021
In vivo antioxidant properties of Cotinus coggygria extracts
D Pavlov, S Valcheva-Kuzmanova, M Tzaneva, J Garrard, M Novakovic, ...
Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica 1, 16, 2014
Primary small lymphocytic lymphoma of the renal capsule: a histopathological case report
H Popov, I Kobakova, GS Stoyanov
Cureus 11 (12), 2019
Early second-trimester spontaneous miscarriage due to fourth ventricle choroid plexus papilloma
GS Stoyanov, I Kobakova, D Stoyanov, M Zhelezov, M Angelova, ...
Journal of Fetal Medicine 5, 163-165, 2018
Pleomorphic adenoma of the palpebra: a histopathological case report
I Kobakova, H Popov, E Softova, S Spasova, GS Stoyanov
Scripta Scientifica Medica 53 (3), 44-47, 2021
Morphological hallmarks in early stage retinopathy in premature babies (retrolental fibroplasia)
D Dzhenkov, G Stoyanov, H Popov, L Stoev, I Kobakova, N Ali
Varna Medical Forum 8 (2), 76-79, 2019
Pleomorphic adenoma-morphological characteristics
GS Stoyanov, I Kobakova, L Stoev
Journal of the Union of Scientists-Varna. Medicine and Ecology Series 23 (1 …, 2018
An interesting case of mucoepidermoid carcinoma with rare localization
L Stoev, I Kobakova, GS Stoyanov
Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists-Varna. Medicine and Ecology …, 2018
The Final Diagnosis: Colorectal Carcinoma, In the Context of Attenuated Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, Mimicking Pulmonary Carcinoma
GS Stoyanov, L Stoev, H Popov, I Kobakova, DL Dzhenkov
Cureus 10 (6), 2018
Social epidemiology of cutaneous melanoma
I Kobakova
Varna Medical Forum 6 (1), 69-74, 2017
Clinico-Morphological Characteristics, Histological Typification and Their Correlation With Some Molecular Markers in Cutaneous Melanoma
I Kobakova
PQDT-Global, 2017
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