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Stanislav Baluschev
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Up-conversion fluorescence: noncoherent excitation by sunlight
S Baluschev, T Miteva, V Yakutkin, G Nelles, A Yasuda, G Wegner
Physical Review Letters 97 (14), 143903, 2006
Blue‐green up‐conversion: noncoherent excitation by NIR light
S Baluschev, V Yakutkin, T Miteva, Y Avlasevich, S Chernov, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (40), 7693-7696, 2007
A general approach for non-coherently excited annihilation up-conversion: transforming the solar-spectrum
S Baluschev, V Yakutkin, T Miteva, G Wegner, T Roberts, G Nelles, ...
New Journal of Physics 10 (1), 013007, 2008
Up‐Conversion Photoluminescence in Polyfluorene Doped with Metal(II)–Octaethyl Porphyrins
PE Keivanidis, S Baluschev, T Miteva, G Nelles, U Scherf, A Yasuda, ...
Advanced Materials 15 (24), 2095-2098, 2003
Phase-dependent electromagnetically induced transparency
EA Korsunsky, N Leinfellner, A Huss, S Baluschev, L Windholz
Physical Review A 59 (3), 2302, 1999
Towards the IR Limit of the Triplet–Triplet Annihilation‐Supported Up‐Conversion: Tetraanthraporphyrin
V Yakutkin, S Aleshchenkov, S Chernov, T Miteva, G Nelles, A Cheprakov, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 14 (32), 9846-9850, 2008
Upconversion with ultrabroad excitation band: Simultaneous use of two sensitizers
S Baluschev, V Yakutkin, G Wegner, T Miteva, G Nelles, A Yasuda, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (18), 2007
Photon energy upconverting nanopaper: a bioinspired oxygen protection strategy
AJ Svagan, D Busko, Y Avlasevich, G Glasser, S Baluschev, K Landfester
ACS nano 8 (8), 8198-8207, 2014
Hyperbranched unsaturated polyphosphates as a protective matrix for long-term photon upconversion in air
F Marsico, A Turshatov, R Peköz, Y Avlasevich, M Wagner, K Weber, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (31), 11057-11064, 2014
Two pathways for photon upconversion in model organic compound systems
S Baluschev, V Yakutkin, G Wegner, B Minch, T Miteva, G Nelles, ...
Journal of applied physics 101 (2), 2007
Annihilation upconversion in cells by embedding the dye system in polymeric nanocapsules
C Wohnhaas, A Turshatov, V Mailänder, S Lorenz, S Baluschev, T Miteva, ...
Macromolecular bioscience 11 (6), 772-778, 2011
Protection of densely populated excited triplet state ensembles against deactivation by molecular oxygen
MA Filatov, S Baluschev, K Landfester
Chemical Society Reviews 45 (17), 4668-4689, 2016
Annihilation assisted upconversion: all-organic, flexible and transparent multicolour display
T Miteva, V Yakutkin, G Nelles, S Baluschev
New Journal of Physics 10 (10), 103002, 2008
Micellar carrier for triplet–triplet annihilation-assisted photon energy upconversion in a water environment
A Turshatov, D Busko, S Baluschev, T Miteva, K Landfester
New Journal of Physics 13 (8), 083035, 2011
Metal-Enhanced Up-Conversion Fluorescence: Effective Triplet− Triplet Annihilation near Silver Surface
S Baluschev, F Yu, T Miteva, S Ahl, A Yasuda, G Nelles, W Knoll, ...
Nano letters 5 (12), 2482-2484, 2005
Upconversion photoluminescence in poly (ladder-type-pentaphenylene) doped with metal (II)-octaethyl porphyrins
S Baluschev, PE Keivanidis, G Wegner, J Jacob, AC Grimsdale, K Müllen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (6), 2005
Triplet–T riplet Annihilation Upconversion Based Nanocapsules for Bioimaging Under Excitation by Red and Deep‐R ed Light
C Wohnhaas, V Mailänder, M Dröge, MA Filatov, D Busko, Y Avlasevich, ...
Macromolecular Bioscience 13 (10), 1422-1430, 2013
All organic nanofibers as ultralight versatile support for triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion
C Wohnhaas, K Friedemann, D Busko, K Landfester, S Baluschev, ...
ACS Macro Letters 2 (5), 446-450, 2013
Synergetic Effect in Triplet–Triplet Annihilation Upconversion: Highly Efficient Multi‐Chromophore Emitter
A Turshatov, D Busko, Y Avlasevich, T Miteva, K Landfester, S Baluschev
ChemPhysChem 13 (13), 3112-3115, 2012
Organization of charge‐carrier pathways for organic electronics
M Kastler, W Pisula, F Laquai, A Kumar, RJ Davies, S Baluschev, ...
Advanced Materials 18 (17), 2255-2259, 2006
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