Nerida Wilson
Nerida Wilson
Western Australian Museum, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of Western Australia
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Resolving the evolutionary relationships of molluscs with phylogenomic tools
SA Smith, NG Wilson, FE Goetz, C Feehery, SCS Andrade, GW Rouse, ...
Nature 480 (7377), 364-367, 2011
Phylogenomic analyses of deep gastropod relationships reject Orthogastropoda
F Zapata, NG Wilson, M Howison, SCS Andrade, KM Jörger, M Schrödl, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1794), 20141739, 2014
Ocean barriers and glaciation: evidence for explosive radiation of mitochondrial lineages in the Antarctic sea slug Doris kerguelenensis (Mollusca, Nudibranchia)
NG Wilson, M Schrödl, KM Halanych
Mol Ecol 18, 965-984, 2009
Barcoding against a paradox? Combined molecular species delineations reveal multiple cryptic lineages in elusive meiofaunal sea slugs
KM Jörger, JL Norenburg, NG Wilson, M Schrödl
BMC Evolutionary Biology 12 (1), 245, 2012
Multiple lineages and absence of panmixia in the “circumpolar” crinoid Promachocrinus kerguelensis from the Atlantic sector of Antarctica
NG Wilson, RL Hunter, SJ Lockhart, KM Halanych
Marine Biology 152 (4), 895-904, 2007
New deep-sea species of Xenoturbella and the position of Xenacoelomorpha
GW Rouse, NG Wilson, JI Carvajal, RC Vrijenhoek
Nature 530 (7588), 94-97, 2016
Molecular phylogeny of extant Holothuroidea (Echinodermata)
AK Miller, AM Kerr, G Paulay, M Reich, NG Wilson, JI Carvajal, GW Rouse
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 111, 110-131, 2017
Bye bye “Opisthobranchia”! A review on the contribution of mesopsammic sea slugs to euthyneuran systematics
M Schrödl, KM Jörger, A Klussmann-Kolb, NG Wilson
Thalassas 27 (2), 101-112, 2011
Patterns, processes and vulnerability of Southern Ocean benthos: a decadal leap in knowledge and understanding
S Kaiser, SN Brandão, S Brix, DKA Barnes, DA Bowden, J Ingels, F Leese, ...
Marine biology 160 (9), 2295-2317, 2013
Fixed, free, and fixed: the fickle phylogeny of extant Crinoidea (Echinodermata) and their Permian–Triassic origin
GW Rouse, LS Jermiin, NG Wilson, I Eeckhaut, D Lanterbecq, T Oji, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 66 (1), 161-181, 2013
Comprehensive sampling reveals circumpolarity and sympatry in seven mitochondrial lineages of the Southern Ocean crinoid species Promachocrinus kerguelensis (Echinodermata)
LG Hemery, M Eléaume, V Roussel, N Améziane, C Gallut, D Steinke, ...
Molecular Ecology 21 (10), 2502-2518, 2012
Assessing the molluscan hypothesis Serialia (Monoplacophora+ Polyplacophora) using novel molecular data
NG Wilson, GW Rouse, G Giribet
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54 (1), 187-193, 2010
Spawning and development in Osedax boneworms (Siboglinidae, Annelida)
GW Rouse, NG Wilson, SK Goffredi, SB Johnson, T Smart, C Widmer, ...
Marine Biology 156 (3), 395-405, 2009
A species flock driven by predation? Secondary metabolites support diversification of slugs in Antarctica
NG Wilson, JA Maschek, BJ Baker
PloS One 8 (11), e80277, 2013
Cryptic species of Archinome (Annelida: Amphinomida) from vents and seeps
E Borda, JD Kudenov, P Chevaldonné, JA Blake, D Desbruyères, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1770), 20131876, 2013
Polyphyly across oceans: a molecular phylogeny of the Chromodorididae (Mollusca, Nudibranchia)
LM Turner, NG Wilson
Zoologica Scripta 37 (1), 23-42, 2008
Cross-disciplinarity in the advance of Antarctic ecosystem research
J Gutt, E Isla, AN Bertler, GE Bodeker, TJ Bracegirdle, RD Cavanagh, ...
Marine genomics 37, 1-17, 2018
Conspicuous visual signals do not coevolve with increased body size in marine sea slugs
KL Cheney, F Cortesi, MJ How, NG Wilson, SP Blomberg, AE Winters, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (4), 676-687, 2014
Species selection favors dispersive life histories in sea slugs, but higher per-offspring investment drives shifts to short-lived larvae
PJ Krug, JE Vendetti, RA Ellingson, CD Trowbridge, YM Hirano, ...
Systematic Biology 64 (6), 983-999, 2015
A dwarf male reversal in bone-eating worms
GW Rouse, NG Wilson, K Worsaae, RC Vrijenhoek
Current Biology 25 (2), 236-241, 2015
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