Peter J Mosley
Peter J Mosley
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Heralded generation of ultrafast single photons in pure quantum states
PJ Mosley, JS Lundeen, BJ Smith, P Wasylczyk, AB U’Ren, C Silberhorn, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (13), 133601, 2008
Photons walking the line: a quantum walk with adjustable coin operations
A Schreiber, KN Cassemiro, V Potoček, A Gábris, PJ Mosley, ...
Physical review letters 104 (5), 050502, 2010
Highly efficient single-pass source of pulsed single-mode twin beams of light
A Eckstein, A Christ, PJ Mosley, C Silberhorn
Physical Review Letters 106 (1), 013603, 2011
Coherent supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber with all-normal group velocity dispersion
LE Hooper, PJ Mosley, AC Muir, WJ Wadsworth, JC Knight
Optics express 19 (6), 4902-4907, 2011
Tailored photon-pair generation in optical fibers
O Cohen, JS Lundeen, BJ Smith, G Puentes, PJ Mosley, IA Walmsley
Physical review letters 102 (12), 123603, 2009
Fiber-assisted single-photon spectrograph
M Avenhaus, A Eckstein, PJ Mosley, C Silberhorn
Optics letters 34 (18), 2873-2875, 2009
Conditional preparation of single photons using parametric downconversion: a recipe for purity
PJ Mosley, JS Lundeen, BJ Smith, IA Walmsley
New Journal of Physics 10 (9), 093011, 2008
All-fiber multiplexed source of high-purity single photons
RJA Francis-Jones, RA Hoggarth, PJ Mosley
Optica 3 (11), 1270-1273, 2016
Bridging visible and telecom wavelengths with a single-mode broadband photon pair source
C Söller, B Brecht, PJ Mosley, LY Zang, A Podlipensky, NY Joly, ...
Physical Review A 81 (3), 031801, 2010
Spatial modes in waveguided parametric down-conversion
A Christ, K Laiho, A Eckstein, T Lauckner, PJ Mosley, C Silberhorn
Physical Review A 80 (3), 033829, 2009
Direct measurement of the spatial-spectral structure of waveguided parametric down-conversion
PJ Mosley, A Christ, A Eckstein, C Silberhorn
arXiv preprint arXiv:0908.4000, 2009
Pure single photon generation by type-I PDC with backward-wave amplification
A Christ, A Eckstein, PJ Mosley, C Silberhorn
Optics express 17 (5), 3441-3446, 2009
Experimental realization of maximum confidence quantum state discrimination for the extraction of quantum information
PJ Mosley, S Croke, IA Walmsley, SM Barnett
Physical review letters 97 (19), 193601, 2006
Absolute efficiency estimation of photon-number-resolving detectors using twin beams
AP Worsley, HB Coldenstrodt-Ronge, JS Lundeen, PJ Mosley, BJ Smith, ...
Optics express 17 (6), 4397-4412, 2009
Ultrashort pulse compression and delivery in a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber at 540 nm wavelength
PJ Mosley, WC Huang, MG Welch, BJ Mangan, WJ Wadsworth, JC Knight
Optics letters 35 (21), 3589-3591, 2010
Generation of heralded single photons in pure quantum states
PJ Mosley
University of Oxford, 2007
Low-noise, high-brightness, tunable source of picosecond pulsed light in the near-infrared and visible
PJ Mosley, SA Bateman, L Lavoute, WJ Wadsworth
Optics express 19 (25), 25337-25345, 2011
Characterisation of longitudinal variation in photonic crystal fibre
RJA Francis-Jones, PJ Mosley
Optics express 24 (22), 24836-24845, 2016
Two-Way Photonic Interface for Linking the Transition at 422 nm to the Telecommunication Band
TA Wright, RJA Francis-Jones, CBE Gawith, JN Becker, PM Ledingham, ...
Physical Review Applied 10 (4), 044012, 2018
Resource-efficient fibre-integrated temporal multiplexing of heralded single photons
RA Hoggarth, RJA Francis-Jones, PJ Mosley
Journal of Optics 19 (12), 125503, 2017
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