Anindya Das - IISC
Anindya Das - IISC
Physics Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
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Monitoring dopants by Raman scattering in an electrochemically top-gated graphene transistor
A Das, S Pisana, B Chakraborty, S Piscanec, SK Saha, UV Waghmare, ...
Nature nanotechnology 3 (4), 210-215, 2008
Zero-bias peaks and splitting in an Al–InAs nanowire topological superconductor as a signature of Majorana fermions
A Das, Y Ronen, Y Most, Y Oreg, M Heiblum, H Shtrikman
Nature Physics 8 (12), 887-895, 2012
Raman spectroscopy of graphene on different substrates and influence of defects
A Das, B Chakraborty, AK Sood
Bulletin of Materials Science 31, 579-584, 2008
Binding of DNA nucleobases and nucleosides with graphene
N Varghese, U Mogera, A Govindaraj, A Das, PK Maiti, AK Sood, ...
ChemPhysChem 10 (1), 206-210, 2009
Phonon renormalization in doped bilayer graphene
A Das, B Chakraborty, S Piscanec, S Pisana, AK Sood, AC Ferrari
Physical Review B 79 (15), 155417, 2009
High-efficiency Cooper pair splitting demonstrated by two-particle conductance resonance and positive noise cross-correlation
A Das, Y Ronen, M Heiblum, D Mahalu, AV Kretinin, H Shtrikman
Nature communications 3 (1), 1165, 2012
Doping in carbon nanotubes probed by Raman and transport measurements
A Das, AK Sood, A Govindaraj, AM Saitta, M Lazzeri, F Mauri, CNR Rao
Physical Review Letters 99 (13), 136803, 2007
Single-file diffusion of confined water inside SWNTs: an NMR study
A Das, S Jayanthi, HSMV Deepak, KV Ramanathan, A Kumar, ...
ACS nano 4 (3), 1687-1695, 2010
Binding of nucleobases with single-walled carbon nanotubes: Theory and experiment
A Das, AK Sood, PK Maiti, M Das, R Varadarajan, CNR Rao
Chemical Physics Letters 453 (4-6), 266-273, 2008
Enhancing photoresponsivity using MoTe2-graphene vertical heterostructures
M Kuiri, B Chakraborty, A Paul, S Das, AK Sood, A Das
Applied Physics Letters 108 (6), 2016
Universal quantized thermal conductance in graphene
AD Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Manas Ranjan Sahu, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi ...
Science Advances 5 (eaaw5798), 1-5, 2019
Tunability of 1/f Noise at Multiple Dirac Cones in hBN Encapsulated Graphene Devices
C Kumar, M Kuiri, J Jung, T Das, A Das
Nano letters 16 (2), 1042-1049, 2016
Observation of ballistic upstream modes at fractional quantum Hall edges of graphene
R Kumar, SK Srivastav, C Spånslätt, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, Y Gefen, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 213, 2022
Andreev reflection near the Dirac point at the graphene- junction
MR Sahu, P Raychaudhuri, A Das
Physical Review B 94 (23), 235451, 2016
Photo-tunable transfer characteristics in MoTe2–MoS2 vertical heterostructure
AK Paul, M Kuiri, D Saha, B Chakraborty, S Mahapatra, AK Sood, A Das
npj 2D Materials and Applications 1 (1), 17, 2017
Vanishing thermal equilibration for hole-conjugate fractional quantum Hall states in graphene
SK Srivastav, R Kumar, C Spånslätt, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, AD Mirlin, ...
Physical review letters 126 (21), 216803, 2021
Inter-Landau-level Andreev Reflection at the Dirac Point in a Graphene Quantum Hall State Coupled to a Superconductor
MR Sahu, X Liu, AK Paul, S Das, P Raychaudhuri, JK Jain, A Das
Physical review letters 121 (8), 086809, 2018
Interaction-driven giant thermopower in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
AK Paul, A Ghosh, S Chakraborty, U Roy, R Dutta, K Watanabe, ...
Nature Physics 18 (6), 691-698, 2022
The formation of ap–n junction in a polymer electrolyte top-gated bilayer graphene transistor
B Chakraborty, A Das, AK Sood
Nanotechnology 20 (36), 365203, 2009
Renormalization of the phonon spectrum in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by Raman spectroscopy
A Das, AK Sood
Physical Review B 79 (23), 235429, 2009
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