Salah Raza Saeed
Salah Raza Saeed
Sulaimani University
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Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanoparticles grown in a polymer solution using in-situ chemical reduction technique
SB Aziz, MA Rasheed, SR Saeed, OG Abdullah
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 12 (4), 3263-3274, 2017
The study of plasticized amorphous biopolymer blend electrolytes based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA): Chitosan with high ion conductivity for energy storage electrical double …
SB Aziz, J M Hadi, E Dannoun, RT Abdulwahid, S R Saeed, ...
Polymers 12 (9), 1938, 2020
Electrical and dielectric properties of copper ion conducting solid polymer electrolytes based on chitosan: CBH model for ion transport mechanism
SB Aziz, OG Abdullah, SR Saeed, HM Ahmed
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 13, 3812-3826, 2018
Ion transport study in CS: POZ based polymer membrane electrolytes using Trukhan model
SB Aziz, WO Karim, MA Brza, RT Abdulwahid, SR Saeed, S Al-Zangana, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (21), 5265, 2019
Optical characteristics of polystyrene based solid polymer composites: effect of metallic copper powder
SB Aziz, S Hussein, AM Hussein, SR Saeed
International Journal of Metals 2013, 2013
From cellulose, shrimp and crab shells to energy storage EDLC cells: the study of structural and electrochemical properties of proton conducting chitosan-based biopolymer blend …
S B Aziz, H Hamsan, M M Nofal, S San, RT Abdulwahid, S Raza Saeed, ...
Polymers 12 (7), 1526, 2020
Synthesis of very-fine PbS nanoparticles dispersed homogeneously in MC matrix: Effect of concentration on the structural and optical properties of host polymer
AH Mohamad, SR Saeed, OG Abdullah
Materials Research Express 6 (11), 115332, 2019
Investigation of ion transport parameters and electrochemical performance of plasticized biocompatible chitosan-based proton conducting polymer composite electrolytes
JM Hadi, SB Aziz, S R. Saeed, MA Brza, RT Abdulwahid, MH Hamsan, ...
Membranes 10 (11), 363, 2020
Characteristics of dye-sensitized solar cell assembled from modified chitosan-based gel polymer electrolytes incorporated with potassium iodide
AM Zulkifli, NIAM Said, S Bakr Aziz, EMA Dannoun, S Hisham, S Shah, ...
Molecules 25 (18), 4115, 2020
Effect of very fine nanoparticle and temperature on the electric and dielectric properties of MC-PbS polymer nanocomposite films
AH Mohamad, OG Abdullah, SR Saeed
Results in Physics 16, 102898, 2020
Characterization of polyvinyl alcohol film doped with sodium molybdate as solid polymer electrolytes
OG Abdullah, SB Aziz, DR Saber, RM Abdullah, RR Hanna, SR Saeed
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28 (12), 8928-8936, 2017
A thermally stable and polarization insensitive square-shaped water metamaterial with ultra-broadband absorption
YI Abdulkarim, HN Awl, FO Alkurt, FF Muhammadsharif, SR Saeed, ...
journal of materials research and technology 13, 1150-1158, 2021
Ballistic versus electronic processes in ion-induced nanostructuring of ionic surfaces
F Krok, SR Saeed, Z Postawa, M Szymonski
Physical Review B 79 (23), 235432, 2009
Impedance, FTIR and transport properties of plasticized proton conducting biopolymer electrolyte based on chitosan for electrochemical device application
SB Aziz, MM Nofal, RT Abdulwahid, MFZ Kadir, JM Hadi, MM Hessien, ...
Results in Physics 29, 104770, 2021
Drawbacks of low lattice energy ammonium salts for ion-conducting polymer electrolyte preparation: structural, morphological and electrical characteristics of CS: PEO: NH4BF4 …
MA Brza, SB Aziz, MM Nofal, SR Saeed, S Al-Zangana, WO Karim, ...
Polymers 12 (9), 1885, 2020
Structural and electrical properties of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA): Methyl cellulose (MC) based solid polymer blend electrolytes inserted with sodium iodide (NaI) salt
AM Abdullah, SB Aziz, SR Saeed
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 14 (11), 103388, 2021
Study of dielectric properties and ion transport parameters in Chitosan-Barium Nitrate based solid polymer electrolytes
SB Aziz, S Al-Zangana, MA Brza, SR Saeed, RT Abdulwahid, MFZ Kadir
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 14, 11580-11595, 2019
Electrical characterization of polyester reinforced by carbon black particles
OG Abdullah, GM Jamal, DA Tahir, SR Saeed
International journal of Applied Physics and mathematics 1 (2), 101, 2011
Nanometer-scale patterning of alkali halide surfaces by ion bombardment
SR Saeed, OP Sinha, F Krok, M Szymonski
Applied Surface Science 255 (5), 1766-1775, 2008
Effect of NaI doping on same physical characteristic of (PVA) 0.9-(KHSO4) 0.1 composite films
OG Abdullah, SR Saeed
Chemistry and Materials Research 3 (11), 19-24, 2013
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