Elisa Rigosi
Elisa Rigosi
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A right antenna for social behaviour in honeybees
LJ Rogers, E Rigosi, E Frasnelli, G Vallortigara
Scientific reports 3 (1), 2045, 2013
Lateralization in the invertebrate brain: left-right asymmetry of olfaction in bumble bee, Bombus terrestris
G Anfora, E Rigosi, E Frasnelli, V Ruga, F Trona, G Vallortigara
PLoS One 6 (4), e18903, 2011
The bee as a model to investigate brain and behavioural asymmetries
E Frasnelli, A Haase, E Rigosi, G Anfora, LJ Rogers, G Vallortigara
Insects 5 (1), 120-138, 2014
Asymmetric neural coding revealed by in vivo calcium imaging in the honey bee brain
E Rigosi, A Haase, L Rath, G Anfora, G Vallortigara, P Szyszka
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1803), 20142571, 2015
Visual acuity of the honey bee retina and the limits for feature detection
E Rigosi, SD Wiederman, DC O’Carroll
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Searching for anatomical correlates of olfactory lateralization in the honeybee antennal lobes: a morphological and behavioural study
E Rigosi, E Frasnelli, C Vinegoni, R Antolini, G Anfora, G Vallortigara, ...
Behavioural brain research 221 (1), 290-294, 2011
In-vivo two-photon imaging of the honey bee antennal lobe
A Haase, E Rigosi, F Trona, G Anfora, G Vallortigara, R Antolini, ...
Biomedical optics express 2 (1), 131-138, 2011
A multimodal approach for tracing lateralisation along the olfactory pathway in the honeybee through electrophysiological recordings, morpho-functional imaging, and behavioural …
A Haase, E Rigosi, E Frasnelli, F Trona, F Tessarolo, C Vinegoni, ...
European Biophysics Journal 40, 1247-1258, 2011
Spatial reorientation by geometry in bumblebees
VA Sovrano, E Rigosi, G Vallortigara
PloS one 7 (5), e37449, 2012
Lateralization of sucrose responsiveness and non-associative learning in honeybees
D Baracchi, E Rigosi, G de Brito Sanchez, M Giurfa
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 425, 2018
Comparison of transparency and shrinkage during clearing of insect brains using media with tunable refractive index
BMB Bekkouche, HKM Fritz, E Rigosi, DC O'Carroll
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 14, 599282, 2020
Ex vivo recordings reveal desert locust forelimb control is asymmetric
D Knebel, J Rillich, A Ayali, HJ Pflüger, E Rigosi
Current Biology 28 (22), R1290-R1291, 2018
Loss of retinal capillary vasoconstrictor response to Endothelin-1 following pressure increments in living isolated rat retinas
E Rigosi, M Ensini, D Bottari, P Leone, L Galli-Resta
Experimental eye research 90 (1), 33-40, 2010
Temporal and structural neural asymmetries in insects
D Knebel, E Rigosi
Current Opinion in Insect Science 48, 72-78, 2021
Acute application of imidacloprid alters the sensitivity of direction selective motion detecting neurons in an insect pollinator
E Rigosi, DC O’Carroll
Frontiers in Physiology 12, 682489, 2021
A new, fluorescence-based method for visualizing the pseudopupil and assessing optical acuity in the dark compound eyes of honeybees and other insects
E Rigosi, EJ Warrant, DC O’Carroll
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 21267, 2021
Photoreceptor signalling is sufficient to explain the detectability threshold of insect aerial pursuers
E Rigosi, SD Wiederman, DC O'Carroll
Journal of Experimental Biology 220 (23), 4364-4369, 2017
Multicompartment simulations of NMDA receptor based facilitation in an insect target tracking neuron
B Bekkouche, PA Shoemaker, J Fabian, E Rigosi, SD Wiederman, ...
Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning–ICANN 2017: 26th …, 2017
The cholinergic pesticide imidacloprid impairs contrast and direction sensitivity in motion detecting neurons of an insect pollinator
E Rigosi, DC O’Carroll
bioRxiv, 295576, 2018
Modeling nonlinear dendritic processing of facilitation in a dragonfly target-tracking neuron
BMB Bekkouche, PA Shoemaker, JM Fabian, E Rigosi, SD Wiederman, ...
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 15, 684872, 2021
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