Zeljka Zgorelec
Zeljka Zgorelec
Associate prof., University of Zagreb
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The effect of drilling fluids and crude oil on some chemical characteristics of soil and crops
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Comparison between PAH mass concentrations measured in PM10 and PM2. 5 particle fractions
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Losses of Ca, Mg and SO4 2-S with drainage water at fertilisation with different nitrogen rates
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Arsenic in air and soil in the vicinity of the central gas station Molve, Croatia
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Determination of gamma-ray self-attenuation correction in environmental samples by combining transmission measurements and Monte Carlo simulations
M Šoštarić, D Babić, B Petrinec, Ž Zgorelec
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 113, 110-116, 2016
Sulphur cycling between terrestrial agroecosystem and atmosphere
Ž Zgorelec, G Pehnec, F Bašić, I Kisić, M Mesić, S Žužul, A Jurišić, ...
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Determination of soil pH in dominant soil types in the Republic of Croatia
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Changes in soil and crop yield caused by oil incidents
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The Effect of Fertilization and Limingon Some Soil Chemical Properties of Eutric Gleysol
I Kisić, F Bašić, M Mešić, A Butorac, Ž Vađić
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Reducing sampling intensity in order to investigate spatial variability of soil pH, organic matter and available phosphorus using co-kriging techniques. A case study of acid …
I Bogunovic, I Kisic, M Mesic, A Percin, Z Zgorelec, D Bilandžija, A Jonjic, ...
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 63 (13), 1852-1863, 2017
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