Aitor Ameztegui
Aitor Ameztegui
Universitat de Lleida (ROR: 050c3cw24) | Joint Research Unit CTFC-Agrotecnio
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Land‐use changes as major drivers of mountain pine (Pinus uncinata Ram.) expansion in the Pyrenees
A Ameztegui, L Brotons, L Coll
Global Ecology and Biogeography 19 (5), 632-641, 2010
Land‐use legacies rather than climate change are driving the recent upward shift of the mountain tree line in the P yrenees
A Ameztegui, L Coll, L Brotons, JM Ninot
Global Ecology and Biogeography 25 (3), 263-273, 2016
Knowledge gaps about mixed forests: What do European forest managers want to know and what answers can science provide?
L Coll, A Ameztegui, C Collet, M Löf, B Mason, M Pach, K Verheyen, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 407, 106-115, 2018
Cross‐scale integration of knowledge for predicting species ranges: a metamodelling framework
MV Talluto, I Boulangeat, A Ameztegui, I Aubin, D Berteaux, A Butler, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 25 (2), 238-249, 2016
Managing stand density to enhance the adaptability of Scots pine stands to climate change: a modelling approach
A Ameztegui, A Cabon, M De Cáceres, L Coll
Ecological Modelling 356, 141-150, 2017
Species-specific and generic biomass equations for seedlings and saplings of European tree species
P Annighöfer, A Ameztegui, C Ammer, P Balandier, N Bartsch, A Bolte, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 135 (2), 313-329, 2016
Tree dynamics and co‐existence in the montane–sub‐alpine ecotone: the role of different light‐induced strategies
A Ameztegui, L Coll
Journal of Vegetation Science 22 (6), 1049-1061, 2011
Future trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests under global change scenarios
A Morán-Ordóñez, A Ameztegui, M De Cáceres, S De-Miguel, F Lefèvre, ...
Ecosystem Services 45, 101174, 2020
Resistance, resilience or change: post-disturbance dynamics of boreal forests after insect outbreaks
M Sánchez-Pinillos, A Leduc, A Ameztegui, D Kneeshaw, F Lloret, L Coll
Ecosystems 22 (8), 1886-1901, 2019
Assessing the persistence capacity of communities facing natural disturbances on the basis of species response traits
M Sánchez-Pinillos, L Coll, M De Cáceres, A Ameztegui
Ecological indicators 66, 76-85, 2016
Modelling the effect of climate-induced changes in recruitment and juvenile growth on mixed-forest dynamics: The case of montane–subalpine Pyrenean ecotones
A Ameztegui, L Coll, C Messier
Ecological Modelling 313, 84-93, 2015
Understory light predictions in mixed conifer mountain forests: Role of aspect-induced variation in crown geometry and openness
A Ameztegui, L Coll, R Benavides, F Valladares, A Paquette
Forest Ecology and Management 276, 52-61, 2012
Unraveling the role of light and biotic interactions on seedling performance of four Pyrenean species along environmental gradients
A Ameztegui, L Coll
Forest ecology and management 303, 25-34, 2013
Perceptions of climate change across the Canadian forest sector: The key factors of institutional and geographical environment
A Ameztegui, KA Solarik, JR Parkins, D Houle, C Messier, D Gravel
PLoS One 13 (6), e0197689, 2018
Assessing tree germination resilience to global warming: a manipulative experiment using sugar maple (Acer saccharum)
KA Solarik, D Gravel, A Ameztegui, Y Bergeron, C Messier
Seed Science Research 26 (2), 153-164, 2016
Herbivory and seedling establishment in Pyrenean forests: influence of micro-and meso-habitat factors on browsing pressure
A Ameztegui, L Coll
Forest Ecology and Management 342, 103-111, 2015
The use of scenarios and models to evaluate the future of nature values and ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests
A Morán-Ordóñez, JV Roces-Díaz, K Otsu, A Ameztegui, L Coll, F Lefevre, ...
Regional Environmental Change 19 (2), 415-428, 2019
Diversifying sub‐Mediterranean pinewoods with oak species in a context of assisted migration: responses to local climate and light environment
S Martín‐Alcón, L Coll, A Ameztegui
Applied Vegetation Science 19 (2), 254-266, 2016
Shade tolerance and the functional trait: Demography relationship in temperate and boreal forests
A Ameztegui, A Paquette, B Shipley, M Heym, C Messier, D Gravel
Functional Ecology 31 (4), 821-830, 2017
Tree light capture and spatial variability of understory light increase with species mixing and tree size heterogeneity
G Ligot, A Ameztegui, B Courbaud, L Coll, D Kneeshaw
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 46 (7), 968-977, 2016
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