Sid-Ahmed Rezzoug
Sid-Ahmed Rezzoug
Maître de conférences, université de La rochelle, france
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Optimization of operating conditions of rosemary essential oil extraction by a fast controlled pressure drop process using response surface methodology
SA Rezzoug, C Boutekedjiret, K Allaf
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Liquefaction of wood in two successive steps: solvolysis in ethylene-glycol and catalytic hydrotreatment
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Assessment of wood liquefaction in acidified ethylene glycol using experimental design methodology
SA Rezzoug, R Capart
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Impact of ultrasound on solid–liquid extraction of phenolic compounds from maritime pine sawdust waste. Kinetics, optimization and large scale experiments
A Meullemiestre, E Petitcolas, Z Maache-Rezzoug, F Chemat, ...
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 28, 230-239, 2016
Optimizing thermomechanical pretreatment conditions to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw by response surface methodology
Z Maache-Rezzoug, G Pierre, A Nouviaire, T Maugard, SA Rezzoug
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Thermomechanical process intensification for oil extraction from orange peels
SA Rezzoug, N Louka
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Effect of instantaneous controlled pressure drop process on the hydration capacity of scleroglucan: optimisation of operating conditions by response surface methodology
SA Rezzoug, Z Maache-Rezzoug, J Mazoyer, M Jeannin, K Allaf
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Solvolysis and hydrotreatment of wood to provide fuel
SA Rezzoug, R Capart
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Risk assessment of heavy metals via consumption of vegetables collected from different supermarkets in La Rochelle, France
A Cherfi, M Cherfi, Z Maache-Rezzoug, SA Rezzoug
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Study of a new extraction process: controlled instantaneous decompression. Application to the extraction of essential oil from rosemary leaves
SA Rezzoug, MW Baghdadi, N Louka, C Boutekedjiret, K Allaf
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High-performance hydrolysis of wheat straw using cellulase and thermomechanical pretreatment
G Pierre, Z Maache-Rezzoug, F Sannier, SA Rezzoug, T Maugard
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A thermomechanical preprocessing for pectin isolation from orange peel with optimisation by response surface methodology
SA Rezzoug, Z Maache-Rezzoug, F Sannier, K Allaf
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Valorization of industrial wastes from French maritime pine bark by solvent free microwave extraction of volatiles
H Mellouk, A Meullemiestre, Z Maache-Rezzoug, B Bejjani, A Dani, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 4398-4405, 2016
Combined steam-explosion toward vacuum and dilute-acid spraying of wheat straw. Impact of severity factor on enzymatic hydrolysis
MR Zoulikha, M Thierry, ZJM Qiuyu, A Nouviaire, R Sid-Ahmed
Renewable Energy 78, 516-526, 2015
Evaluation of thermomechanical pretreatment for enzymatic hydrolysis of pure microcrystalline cellulose and cellulose from Brewers’ spent grain
G Pierre, F Sannier, R Goude, A Nouviaire, Z Maache-Rezzoug, ...
Journal of Cereal Science 54 (3), 305-310, 2011
Role of vacuum steps added before and after steaming treatment of maize starch. Impact on pasting, morphological and rheological properties
SA Bahrani, C Loisel, SA Rezzoug, JL Doublier, Z Maache-Rezzoug
Carbohydrate polymers 89 (3), 810-820, 2012
Chemical Composition and Insecticidal Properties of Thymus numidicus (Poiret) Essential Oil from Algeria
F Saidj, SA Rezzoug, F Bentahar, C Boutekedjiret
Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 11 (4), 397-405, 2008
Intensification of Hypericum perforatum L. oil isolation by solvent-free microwave extraction
M Abdelhadi, A Meullemiestre, A Gelicus, A Hassani, S Rezzoug
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Isolation of rosemary oils by different processes
C Boutekedjiret, R Belabbes, F Bentahar, JM Bessiere, SA Rezzoug
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Development of a new drying process–dehydration by cyclical pressure drops (DDS): application to the collagen gel
Z Maache-Rezzoug, SA Rezzoug, K Allaf
Drying Technology 20 (1), 109-129, 2002
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