Peter J. Kootsookos
Peter J. Kootsookos
Middlesex Community College
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Fast, accurate frequency estimators [DSP Tips & Tricks]
E Jacobsen, P Kootsookos
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 24 (3), 123-125, 2007
Detection and vectorization of roads from lidar data
S Clode, F Rottensteiner, P Kootsookos, E Zelnlker
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The automatic extraction of roads from LIDAR data
S Clode, PJ Kootsookos, F Rottensteiner
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Modeling of low shaft speed bearing faults for condition monitoring
YF Wang, PJ Kootsookos
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FIR approximation of fractional sample delay systems
PJ Kootsookos, RC Williamson
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Model structure selection & training algorithms for an HMM gesture recognition system
N Liu, BC Lovell, PJ Kootsookos, RIA Davis
Ninth International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, 100-105, 2004
A unified approach to the STFT, TFDs, and instantaneous frequency
PJ Kootsookos, BC Lovell, B Boashash
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Analysis of the variance threshold of Kay's weighted linear predictor frequency estimator
V Clarkson, PJ Kootsookos, BG Quinn
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Threshold behavior of the maximum likelihood estimator of frequency
BG Quinn, PJ Kootsookos
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 42 (11), 3291-3294, 1994
Evaluation of hmm training algorithms for letter hand gesture recognition
N Liu, BC Lovell, PJ Kootsookos
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and …, 2003
The circular nature of discrete-time frequency estimates.
BC Lovell, PJ Kootsookos, RC Williamson
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Improving city model determination by using road detection from lidar data
S Clode, F Rottensteiner, PJ Kootsookos
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A review of the frequency estimation and tracking problems
PJ Kootsookos
Time-frequency signal analysis and instantaneous frequency estimation: methodology, relationships and implementations
B Boashash, B Lovell, P Kootsookos
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A phase coded disk approach to thick curvilinear line detection
SP Clode, EE Zelniker, PJ Kootsookos, IVL Clarkson
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The Nehari shuffle: FIR (q) filter design with guaranteed error bounds
PJ Kootsookos, RR Bitmead, M Green
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Effect of initial HMM choices in multiple sequence training for gesture recognition
N Liu, RIA Davis, BC Lovell, PJ Kootsookos
International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing …, 2004
The estimation of the shape of an array using a hidden Markov model
BG Quinn, RF Barrett, PJ Kootsookos, SJ Searle
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Correspondence-free determination of the affine fundamental matrix
S Lehmann, AP Bradley, J Williams, PJ Kootsookos, L Clarkson
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 29 (1), 82-97, 2006
An extended Kalman filter for demodulation of polynomial phase signals
PJ Kootsookos, JM Spanjaard
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 5 (3), 69-70, 1998
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