Prabal K Maiti
Prabal K Maiti
Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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Structure of PAMAM dendrimers: Generations 1 through 11
PK Maiti, T Çaǧın, G Wang, WA Goddard
Macromolecules 37 (16), 6236-6254, 2004
Binding of DNA nucleobases and nucleosides with graphene
N Varghese, U Mogera, A Govindaraj, A Das, PK Maiti, AK Sood, ...
ChemPhysChem 10 (1), 206-210, 2009
Effect of solvent and pH on the structure of PAMAM dendrimers
PK Maiti, T Çaǧın, ST Lin, WA Goddard
Macromolecules 38 (3), 979-991, 2005
Two-phase thermodynamic model for efficient and accurate absolute entropy of water from molecular dynamics simulations
ST Lin, PK Maiti, WA Goddard III
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (24), 8191-8198, 2010
Molecular dynamics study of a surfactant-mediated decane− water interface: effect of molecular architecture of alkyl benzene sulfonate
SS Jang, ST Lin, PK Maiti, M Blanco, WA Goddard, P Shuler, Y Tang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (32), 12130-12140, 2004
Confined water: structure, dynamics, and thermodynamics
S Chakraborty, H Kumar, C Dasgupta, PK Maiti
Accounts of chemical research 50 (9), 2139-2146, 2017
Structure and dynamics of DNA− dendrimer complexation: role of counterions, water, and base pair sequence
PK Maiti, B Bagchi
Nano letters 6 (11), 2478-2485, 2006
Quantum dot-loaded monofunctionalized DNA icosahedra for single-particle tracking of endocytic pathways
D Bhatia, S Arumugam, M Nasilowski, H Joshi, C Wunder, V Chambon, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (12), 1112-1119, 2016
Dynamics and thermodynamics of water in PAMAM dendrimers at subnanosecond time scales
ST Lin, PK Maiti, WA Goddard
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (18), 8663-8672, 2005
The poly dA helix: a new structural motif for high performance DNA-based molecular switches
S Chakraborty, S Sharma, PK Maiti, Y Krishnan
Nucleic acids research 37 (9), 2810-2817, 2009
PAMAM dendrimer–drug interactions: effect of pH on the binding and release pattern
V Maingi, MVS Kumar, PK Maiti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (14), 4370-4376, 2012
Strong correlations and Fickian water diffusion in narrow carbon nanotubes
B Mukherjee, PK Maiti, C Dasgupta, AK Sood
The Journal of chemical physics 126 (12), 2007
Solvent quality changes the structure of G8 PAMAM dendrimer, a disagreement with some experimental interpretations
PK Maiti, WA Goddard
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (51), 25628-25632, 2006
Dendrimer building toolkit: Model building and characterization of various dendrimer architectures
V Maingi, V Jain, PV Bharatam, PK Maiti
Journal of computational chemistry 33 (25), 1997-2011, 2012
Binding of nucleobases with single-walled carbon nanotubes: Theory and experiment
A Das, AK Sood, PK Maiti, M Das, R Varadarajan, CNR Rao
Chemical Physics Letters 453 (4-6), 266-273, 2008
Phase behavior of bent-core molecules
Y Lansac, PK Maiti, NA Clark, MA Glaser
Physical Review E 67 (1), 011703, 2003
Self-assembly in surfactant oligomers: A coarse-grained description through molecular dynamics simulations
PK Maiti, Y Lansac, MA Glaser, NA Clark, Y Rouault
Langmuir 18 (5), 1908-1918, 2002
DNA compaction by a dendrimer
B Nandy, PK Maiti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (2), 217-230, 2011
Complexation of siRNA with dendrimer: a molecular modeling approach
V Vasumathi, PK Maiti
Macromolecules 43 (19), 8264-8274, 2010
Multiple time scales in solvation dynamics of DNA in aqueous solution: the role of water, counterions, and cross-correlations
S Pal, PK Maiti, B Bagchi, JT Hynes
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (51), 26396-26402, 2006
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