Olusola Agbede
Olusola Agbede
Professor of Soil Science
Потвърден имейл адрес: lmu.edu.ng
Understanding Soil and Plant Nutrition
OO Agbede
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Constraints of small-scale farmers in increasing crop yield: farm size and fertilizer supply
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Assessment of the impact of open waste dumpsites on groundwater quality: a case study of the Onibu-Eja dumpsite, southwestern Nigeria
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Growth and yield response of cotton (Gossypium spp) to varying levels of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization in southern guinea savanna zone, Nigeria
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An assessment of fertilizer use under traditional cropping systems in the middle belt zone of Nigeria
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Response of barley seedlings to nitrogen and phosphorus rates on soils with various fertility levels
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Understanding soil and plant nutrition. Keffi, Nassarawa State
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Taungya in Nigeria: Tree planting time and fertilizer effects on growth and crop yield
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Effect of inter-planting Gmelina arborea with food crops on soil condition.
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Effects of land use types on soil quality in a Southern Guinea Savannah, Nasarawa state of Nigeria.
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Role of Phosphorus and Magnesium on Some Growth Components and Yield of Potted ‘Ife Plum’Tomato Plants in Iwo Soil Series of Southwestern Nigeria
OO Agbede, EA Aduayi
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 43 (3), 246-251, 1978
Interactive Effects of Food Legume Cover Crops on the Productivity of Sandy Soils of Benue River Basins
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Journal of sustainable agriculture 8 (1), 11-20, 1996
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