Heather Bracken-Grissom
Heather Bracken-Grissom
Florida International University - Biscayne Bay Campus
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Targeted amplicon sequencing (TAS): a scalable next-gen approach to multilocus, multitaxa phylogenetics
SM Bybee, H Bracken-Grissom, BD Haynes, RA Hermansen, RL Byers, ...
Genome biology and evolution 3, 1312-1323, 2011
A comprehensive and integrative reconstruction of evolutionary history for Anomura (Crustacea: Decapoda)
HD Bracken-Grissom, ME Cannon, P Cabezas, RM Feldmann, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 13, 1-29, 2013
A phylogenomic framework, evolutionary timeline and genomic resources for comparative studies of decapod crustaceans
JM Wolfe, JW Breinholt, KA Crandall, AR Lemmon, EM Lemmon, LE Timm, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1901), 20190079, 2019
The emergence of lobsters: phylogenetic relationships, morphological evolution and divergence time comparisons of an ancient group (Decapoda: Achelata, Astacidea, Glypheidea …
HD Bracken-Grissom, ST Ahyong, RD Wilkinson, RM Feldmann, ...
Systematic Biology 63 (4), 457-479, 2014
The decapod tree of life: compiling the data and moving toward a consensus of decapod evolution
HD Bracken, A Toon, DL Felder, JW Martin, M Finley, J Rasmussen, ...
Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 67 (1), 99-116, 2009
Phylogeny of the infraorder Caridea based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes (Crustacea: Decapoda)
HD Bracken, S De Grave, DL Felder, JW Martin
Decapod crustacean phylogenetics 18, 274-298, 2009
Phylogenetic position, systematic status, and divergence time of the Procarididea (Crustacea: Decapoda)
HD Bracken, S De Grave, A Toon, DL Felder, KA Crandall
Zoologica Scripta 39 (2), 198-212, 2010
The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA): developing community resources to study diverse invertebrate genomes
GIGA Community of Scientists
Journal of Heredity 105 (1), 1-18, 2014
Using phylogenetically-informed annotation (PIA) to search for light-interacting genes in transcriptomes from non-model organisms
DI Speiser, MS Pankey, AK Zaharoff, BA Battelle, HD Bracken-Grissom, ...
BMC bioinformatics 15, 1-12, 2014
Seaweeds and decapod crustaceans on Gulf deep banks after the Macondo Oil Spill
DL Felder, BP Thoma, WE Schmidt, T Sauvage, SL Self-Krayesky, ...
Bioscience 64 (9), 808-819, 2014
Phylogenetic and transcriptomic analyses reveal the evolution of bioluminescence and light detection in marine deep-sea shrimps of the family Oplophoridae (Crustacea: Decapoda)
JM Wong, JL Pérez-Moreno, TY Chan, TM Frank, HD Bracken-Grissom
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 83, 278-292, 2015
Comparative mitogenomics of the Decapoda reveals evolutionary heterogeneity in architecture and composition
MH Tan, HM Gan, YP Lee, H Bracken-Grissom, TY Chan, AD Miller, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 10756, 2019
A synthetic phylogeny of freshwater crayfish: insights for conservation
CL Owen, H Bracken-Grissom, D Stern, KA Crandall
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 370 …, 2015
Phylogenetics links monster larva to deep‐sea shrimp
HD Bracken‐Grissom, DL Felder, NL Vollmer, JW Martin, KA Crandall
Ecology and Evolution 2 (10), 2367-2373, 2012
The forest for the trees: evaluating molecular phylogenies with an emphasis on higher-level Decapoda
L Timm, HD Bracken-Grissom
Journal of Crustacean Biology 35 (5), 577-592, 2015
Phylogenetic relationships, character evolution, and taxonomic implications within the slipper lobsters (Crustacea: Decapoda: Scyllaridae)
CH Yang, H Bracken-Grissom, D Kim, KA Crandall, TY Chan
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 62 (1), 237-250, 2012
Phylogenetic evidence from freshwater crayfishes that cave adaptation is not an evolutionary dead-end
DB Stern, J Breinholt, C Pedraza-Lara, M López-Mejía, CL Owen, ...
Evolution 71 (10), 2522-2532, 2017
Life in the Underworld: Anchialine cave biology in the era of speleogenomics
JL Pérez-Moreno, TM Iliffe, HD Bracken-Grissom
Provisional revision of American snapping shrimp allied to Alpheus floridanus Kingsley, 1878 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Alpheidae) with notes on A. floridanus africanus
HD Bracken-Grissom, DL Felder
Zootaxa 3895 (4), 451-491, 2014
The role of isolation on contrasting phylogeographic patterns in two cave crustaceans
JL Pérez-Moreno, G Balázs, B Wilkins, G Herczeg, HD Bracken-Grissom
BMC Evolutionary Biology 17, 1-13, 2017
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