Christophe Lambiel
Christophe Lambiel
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Permafrost is warming at a global scale
BK Biskaborn, SL Smith, J Noetzli, H Matthes, G Vieira, DA Streletskiy, ...
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Assessing reliability of 2D resistivity imaging in mountain permafrost studies using the depth of investigation index method
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Overview of rock glacier kinematics research in the Swiss Alps
R Delaloye, C Lambiel, I Gärtner-Roer
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Observations and considerations on destabilizing active rock glaciers in the European Alps
I Roer, W Haeberli, M Avian, V Kaufmann, R Delaloye, C Lambiel, A Kääb
University of Zurich, 2008
Recent interannual variations of rock glacier creep in the European Alps
R Delaloye, E Perruchoud, M Avian, V Kaufmann, X Bodin, H Hausmann, ...
University of Zurich, 2008
Evidence of winter ascending air circulation throughout talus slopes and rock glaciers situated in the lower belt of alpine discontinuous permafrost (Swiss Alps)
R Delaloye, C Lambiel
Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift-Norwegian Journal of Geography 59 (2), 194-203, 2005
Thermal anomaly in a cold scree slope (Creux du Van, Switzerland)
R Delaloye, E Reynard, C Lambiel, L Marescot, R Monnet
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Permafrost 2125, 175-180, 2003
Contribution of real‐time kinematic GPS in the study of creeping mountain permafrost: Examples from the Western Swiss Alps
C Lambiel, R Delaloye
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Permafrost is warming at a global scale, Nat. Commun., 10, 264
BK Biskaborn, SL Smith, J Noetzli, H Matthes, G Vieira, DA Streletskiy, ...
Internal structure and permafrost distribution in two alpine periglacial talus slopes, Valais, Swiss Alps
C Scapozza, C Lambiel, L Baron, L Marescot, E Reynard
Geomorphology 132 (3-4), 208-221, 2011
Permafrost and little ice age glacier relationships, Posets Massif, Central Pyrenees, Spain
R Lugon, R Delaloye, E Serrano, E Reynard, C Lambiel, ...
Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 15 (3), 207-220, 2004
Permafrost distribution in talus slopes located within the alpine periglacial belt, Swiss Alps
C Lambiel, K Pieracci
Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 19 (3), 293-304, 2008
Inventorying slope movements in an Alpine environment using DInSAR
C Barboux, R Delaloye, C Lambiel
Earth surface processes and landforms 39 (15), 2087-2099, 2014
Data-driven mapping of the potential mountain permafrost distribution
N Deluigi, C Lambiel, M Kanevski
Science of the total environment 590, 370-380, 2017
Instability of a High Alpine Rock Ridge: the Lower A rête Des C osmiques, M ont B lanc Massif, F rance
L Ravanel, P Deline, C Lambiel, C Vincent
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 95 (1), 51-66, 2013
Investigating decadal‐scale geomorphic dynamics in an alpine mountain setting
N Micheletti, C Lambiel, SN Lane
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 120 (10), 2155-2175, 2015
Assessing the rock glacier kinematics on three different timescales: a case study from the southern Swiss Alps
C Scapozza, C Lambiel, C Bozzini, S Mari, M Conedera
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 39 (15), 2056-2069, 2014
Regional modelling of present, past and future potential distribution of discontinuous permafrost based on a rock glacier inventory in the Bagnes‐Hérémence area (Western Swiss …
C Lambiel, E Reynard
Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift-Norwegian Journal of Geography 55 (4), 219-223, 2001
The contribution of geomorphological mapping to sediment transfer evaluation in small alpine catchments
D Theler, E Reynard, C Lambiel, E Bardou
Geomorphology 124 (3-4), 113-123, 2010
Internal structure and current evolution of very small debris-covered glacier systems located in alpine permafrost environments
JB Bosson, C Lambiel
Frontiers in Earth Science 4, 39, 2016
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