Kent Bonsma-Fisher
Kent Bonsma-Fisher
Photonic Inc.
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Experimental investigation of the uncertainty principle in the presence of quantum memory and its application to witnessing entanglement
R Prevedel, DR Hamel, R Colbeck, K Fisher, KJ Resch
Nature Physics 7 (10), 757-761, 2011
Experimental nonlocal and surreal Bohmian trajectories
DH Mahler, L Rozema, K Fisher, L Vermeyden, KJ Resch, HM Wiseman, ...
Science Advances 2 (2), e1501466, 2016
Quantum computing on encrypted data
KAG Fisher, A Broadbent, LK Shalm, Z Yan, J Lavoie, R Prevedel, ...
Nature Communications 5, 2014
Storage and Retrieval of THz-Bandwidth Single Photons Using a Room-Temperature Diamond Quantum Memory
DG England, KAG Fisher, JPW MacLean, PJ Bustard, R Lausten, ...
Physical Review Letters 114 (5), 053602, 2015
Experimental three-photon quantum nonlocality under strict locality conditions
C Erven, E Meyer-Scott, K Fisher, J Lavoie, BL Higgins, Z Yan, CJ Pugh, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (4), 292-296, 2014
Frequency and bandwidth conversion of single photons in a room-temperature diamond quantum memory
KAG Fisher, DG England, JPW MacLean, PJ Bustard, KJ Resch, ...
Nature Communications 7, 2016
Effect of pseudogap formation on the penetration depth of underdoped high-T_{c} cuprates
JP Carbotte, KAG Fisher, JPF LeBlanc, EJ Nicol
Physical Review B 81 (1), 014522, 2010
Pure-state tomography with the expectation value of Pauli operators
X Ma, T Jackson, H Zhou, J Chen, D Lu, MD Mazurek, KAG Fisher, ...
Physical Review A 93 (3), 032140, 2016
Observation of a large, resonant, cross-Kerr nonlinearity in a cold Rydberg gas
J Sinclair, D Angulo, N Lupu-Gladstein, K Bonsma-Fisher, AM Steinberg
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 033193, 2019
Optimal linear optical implementation of a single-qubit damping channel
KAG Fisher, R Prevedel, R Kaltenbaek, KJ Resch
New Journal of Physics 14 (3), 033016, 2012
Realistic sub-Rayleigh imaging with phase-sensitive measurements
K Bonsma-Fisher, WK Tham, H Ferretti, A Steinberg
New Journal of Physics 21, 093010, 2019
Storage of polarization-entangled THz-bandwidth photons in a diamond quantum memory
KAG Fisher, DG England, JPW MacLean, PJ Bustard, K Heshami, ...
Physical Review A 96 (1), 012324, 2017
Certifying the presence of a photonic qubit by splitting it in two
E Meyer-Scott, D McCloskey, K Gołos, JZ Salvail, KAG Fisher, DR Hamel, ...
Physical review letters 116 (7), 070501, 2016
Phonon-Mediated Nonclassical Interference in Diamond
DG England, KAG Fisher, JPW MacLean, PJ Bustard, K Heshami, ...
Physical Review Letters 117 (7), 073603, 2016
Experimental Demonstration of Quantum Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Application in a Two-Party Secure Protocol
WK Tham, H Ferretti, K Bonsma-Fisher, A Brodutch, BC Sanders, ...
Physical Review X 10 (1), 011038, 2020
Perspectives on all-optical Kerr switching for quantum optical applications
D England, F Bouchard, K Fenwick, K Bonsma-Fisher, Y Zhang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 119 (16), 2021
Ultratunable quantum frequency conversion in photonic crystal fiber
KAG Bonsma-Fisher, PJ Bustard, C Parry, TA Wright, DG England, ...
Physical Review Letters 129 (20), 203603, 2022
Toward a Quantum Memory in a Fiber Cavity Controlled by Intracavity Frequency Translation
PJ Bustard, K Bonsma-Fisher, C Hnatovsky, D Grobnic, SJ Mihailov, ...
Physical Review Letters 128 (12), 120501, 2022
Experimental Comparison of Bohm-like Theories with Different Primary Ontologies
AOT Pang, H Ferretti, N Lupu-Gladstein, WK Tham, A Brodutch, ...
Quantum 4, 365, 2020
Measuring ultrafast time-bin qudits
F Bouchard, K Bonsma-Fisher, K Heshami, PJ Bustard, D England, ...
Physical Review A 107 (2), 022618, 2023
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