Hannah Froy
Hannah Froy
Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh
Потвърден имейл адрес: ed.ac.uk
Senescence in natural populations of animals: widespread evidence and its implications for bio-gerontology
DH Nussey, H Froy, JF Lemaitre, JM Gaillard, SN Austad
Ageing research reviews 12 (1), 214-225, 2013
The relationship between telomere length and mortality risk in non-model vertebrate systems: a meta-analysis
RV Wilbourn, JP Moatt, H Froy, CA Walling, DH Nussey, JJ Boonekamp
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
Age‐related variation in reproductive traits in the wandering albatross: Evidence for terminal improvement following senescence
H Froy, RA Phillips, AG Wood, DH Nussey, S Lewis
Ecology letters 16 (5), 642-649, 2013
Dietary restriction and insulin‐like signalling pathways as adaptive plasticity: A synthesis and re‐evaluation
JC Regan, H Froy, CA Walling, JP Moatt, DH Nussey
Functional Ecology 34 (1), 107-128, 2020
Senescence in immunity against helminth parasites predicts adult mortality in a wild mammal
H Froy, AM Sparks, K Watt, R Sinclair, F Bach, JG Pilkington, ...
Science 365 (6459), 1296-1298, 2019
Sex differences in leucocyte telomere length in a free‐living mammal
RL Watson, EJ Bird, S Underwood, RV Wilbourn, J Fairlie, K Watt, ...
Molecular Ecology 26 (12), 3230-3240, 2017
Consequences of measurement error in qPCR telomere data: A simulation study
D Nettle, L Seeker, D Nussey, H Froy, M Bateson
PLoS One 14 (5), e0216118, 2019
Sex‐related variation in the vulnerability of wandering albatrosses to pelagic longline fleets
S Jiménez, A Domingo, A Brazeiro, O Defeo, AG Wood, H Froy, JC Xavier, ...
Animal Conservation 19 (3), 281-295, 2016
Age-related variation in foraging behaviour in the wandering albatross at South Georgia: no evidence for senescence
H Froy, S Lewis, P Catry, CM Bishop, IP Forster, A Fukuda, H Higuchi, ...
PloS one 10 (1), e0116415, 2015
Telomere length measurement by qPCR in birds is affected by storage method of blood samples
S Reichert, H Froy, W Boner, TM Burg, F Daunt, R Gillespie, K Griffiths, ...
Oecologia 184 (2), 341-350, 2017
Age-dependent associations between telomere length and environmental conditions in roe deer
RV Wilbourn, H Froy, MC McManus, L Cheynel, JM Gaillard, ...
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Declining home range area predicts reduced late‐life survival in two wild ungulate populations
H Froy, L Börger, CE Regan, A Morris, S Morris, JG Pilkington, ...
Ecology letters 21 (7), 1001-1009, 2018
Relative costs of offspring sex and offspring survival in a polygynous mammal
H Froy, CA Walling, JM Pemberton, TH Clutton-Brock, LEB Kruuk
Biology Letters 12 (9), 20160417, 2016
Contrasting drivers of reproductive ageing in albatrosses
H Froy, S Lewis, DH Nussey, AG Wood, RA Phillips
The Journal of animal ecology 86 (5), 1022, 2017
Habitat preference and dispersal of the Duke of Burgundy butterfly (Hamearis lucina) on an abandoned chalk quarry in Bedfordshire, UK
EC Turner, H Granroth, HR Johnson, CBH Lucas, AM Thompson, H Froy, ...
Journal of Insect Conservation 13 (5), 475-486, 2009
Bovine telomere dynamics and the association between telomere length and productive lifespan
LA Seeker, JJ Ilska, A Psifidi, RV Wilbourn, SL Underwood, J Fairlie, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-12, 2018
No evidence for parental age effects on offspring leukocyte telomere length in free-living Soay sheep
H Froy, EJ Bird, RV Wilbourn, J Fairlie, SL Underwood, E Salvo-Chirnside, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Heritable variation in telomere length predicts mortality in Soay sheep
H Froy, SL Underwood, J Dorrens, LA Seeker, K Watt, RV Wilbourn, ...
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Longitudinal changes in telomere length and associated genetic parameters in dairy cattle analysed using random regression models
LA Seeker, JJ Ilska, A Psifidi, RV Wilbourn, SL Underwood, J Fairlie, ...
PLoS One 13 (2), e0192864, 2018
Trait–demography relationships underlying small mammal population fluctuations
KJ van Benthem, H Froy, T Coulson, LL Getz, MK Oli, A Ozgul
Journal of Animal Ecology 86 (2), 348-358, 2017
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