Qiyan "Chiyan" Wang
Qiyan "Chiyan" Wang
Principal Research Engineer at Symantec
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The oyster genome reveals stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation
G Zhang, X Fang, X Guo, L Li, R Luo, F Xu, P Yang, L Zhang, X Wang, ...
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Detecting false data injection attacks on dc state estimation
RB Bobba, KM Rogers, Q Wang, H Khurana, K Nahrstedt, TJ Overbye
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High‐Index Faceted Platinum Nanocrystals Supported on Carbon Black as Highly Efficient Catalysts for Ethanol Electrooxidation
ZY Zhou, ZZ Huang, DJ Chen, Q Wang, N Tian, SG Sun
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K 7 [Co III Co II (H 2 O) W 11 O 39]: a molecular mixed-valence Keggin polyoxometalate catalyst of high stability and efficiency for visible light-driven water oxidation
F Song, Y Ding, B Ma, C Wang, Q Wang, X Du, S Fu, J Song
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The information technology capability of third‐party logistics providers: a resource‐based view and empirical evidence from China
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Phytotoxicity, accumulation and transport of silver nanoparticles by Arabidopsis thaliana
J Geisler-Lee, Q Wang, Y Yao, W Zhang, M Geisler, K Li, Y Huang, ...
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In situ FTIR spectroscopic studies of electrooxidation of ethanol on Pd electrode in alkaline media
ZY Zhou, Q Wang, JL Lin, N Tian, SG Sun
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Benchmarking state-of-the-art deep learning software tools
S Shi, Q Wang, P Xu, X Chu
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The impact of cerium oxide nanoparticles on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) and its implications for food safety
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The impact of information technology on the competitive advantage of logistics firms in China
F Lai, X Zhao, Q Wang
Industrial Management & Data Systems 106 (9), 1249-1271, 2006
Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and C60 Fullerenes Differentially Impact the Accumulation of Weathered Pesticides in Four Agricultural Plants
R De La Torre-Roche, J Hawthorne, Y Deng, B Xing, W Cai, LA Newman, ...
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Synthesis of urea derivatives from amines and CO 2 in the absence of catalyst and solvent
C Wu, H Cheng, R Liu, Q Wang, Y Hao, Y Yu, F Zhao
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Strategic postures of third-party logistics providers in mainland China
Q Wang, K Zantow, F Lai, X Wang
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Direct observation of sulfur radicals as reaction media in lithium sulfur batteries
Q Wang, J Zheng, E Walter, H Pan, D Lv, P Zuo, H Chen, ZD Deng, ...
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Transport infrastructure and regional economic growth: evidence from China
J Hong, Z Chu, Q Wang
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The influence of ceramic particles on bond strength of cold spray composite coatings on AZ91 alloy substrate
Q Wang, K Spencer, N Birbilis, MX Zhang
Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (1), 50-56, 2010
Strong Two‐Photon Excited Fluorescence and Stimulated Emission from an Organic Single Crystal of an Oligo (Phenylene Vinylene)
F Gao, Q Liao, ZZ Xu, YH Yue, Q Wang, HL Zhang, HB Fu
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Drivers of relationship quality in logistics outsourcing in China
Z Chu, Q Wang
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Graphene in Light: Design, Synthesis and Applications of Photo‐active Graphene and Graphene‐Like Materials
HX Wang, Q Wang, KG Zhou, HL Zhang
Small 9 (8), 1266-1283, 2013
Time valid one-time signature for time-critical multicast data authentication
Q Wang, H Khurana, Y Huang, K Nahrstedt
The 28th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM …, 2009
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