Allan Randrup Thomsen
Allan Randrup Thomsen
Professor in eksperimental virology, University of Copenhagen
Потвърден имейл адрес: sund.ku.dk
Lambda interferon (IFN-λ), a type III IFN, is induced by viruses and IFNs and displays potent antiviral activity against select virus infections in vivo
N Ank, H West, C Bartholdy, K Eriksson, AR Thomsen, SR Paludan
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Sensing of RNA viruses: a review of innate immune receptors involved in recognizing RNA virus invasion
S Jensen, AR Thomsen
Journal of virology 86 (6), 2900-2910, 2012
An important role for type III interferon (IFN-λ/IL-28) in TLR-induced antiviral activity
N Ank, MB Iversen, C Bartholdy, P Staeheli, R Hartmann, UB Jensen, ...
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Functional epistasis on a common MHC haplotype associated with multiple sclerosis
JW Gregersen, KR Kranc, X Ke, P Svendsen, LS Madsen, AR Thomsen, ...
Nature 443 (7111), 574-577, 2006
TLR2 and TLR9 synergistically control herpes simplex virus infection in the brain
LN Sørensen, LS Reinert, L Malmgaard, C Bartholdy, AR Thomsen, ...
The Journal of Immunology 181 (12), 8604-8612, 2008
Exhaustion of CTL memory and recrudescence of viremia in lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-infected MHC class II-deficient mice and B cell-deficient mice.
AR Thomsen, J Johansen, O Marker, JP Christensen
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 157 (7), 3074-3080, 1996
Role of CD40 ligand and CD28 in induction and maintenance of antiviral CD8+ effector T cell responses
SØ Andreasen, JE Christensen, O Marker, AR Thomsen
The Journal of Immunology 164 (7), 3689-3697, 2000
The importance of lytic and nonlytic immune responses in viral infections
D Wodarz, JP Christensen, AR Thomsen
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TLR3 deficiency renders astrocytes permissive to herpes simplex virus infection and facilitates establishment of CNS infection in mice
LS Reinert, L Harder, CK Holm, MB Iversen, KA Horan, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 122 (4), 1368-1376, 2012
CXCL10 is the key ligand for CXCR3 on CD8+ effector T cells involved in immune surveillance of the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-infected central nervous system
JE Christensen, C De Lemos, T Moos, JP Christensen, AR Thomsen
The Journal of Immunology 176 (7), 4235-4243, 2006
Persistent virus infection despite chronic cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activation in gamma interferon-deficient mice infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus
C Bartholdy, JP Christensen, D Wodarz, AR Thomsen
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CXCR3 directs antigen-specific effector CD4+ T cell migration to the lung during parainfluenza virus infection
JE Kohlmeier, T Cookenham, SC Miller, AD Roberts, JP Christensen, ...
The Journal of Immunology 183 (7), 4378-4384, 2009
CD11b expression as a marker to distinguish between recently activated effector CD8+ T cells and memory cells
JE Christensen, SØ Andreasen, JP Christensen, AR Thomsen
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Changes in cell adhesion molecule expression on T cells associated with systemic virus infection.
EC Andersson, JP Christensen, O Marker, AR Thomsen
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 152 (3), 1237-1245, 1994
Cooperation of B cells and T cells is required for survival of mice infected with vesicular stomatitis virus.
AR Thomsen, A Nansen, C Andersen, J Johansen, O Marker, ...
International immunology 9 (11), 1757-1766, 1997
CCR2+ and CCR5+ CD8+ T cells increase during viral infection and migrate to sites of infection
A Nansen, O Marker, C Bartholdy, AR Thomsen
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Efficient T-cell surveillance of the CNS requires expression of the CXC chemokine receptor 3
JE Christensen, A Nansen, T Moos, B Lu, C Gerard, JP Christensen, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 24 (20), 4849-4858, 2004
MHC class II-associated invariant chain linkage of antigen dramatically improves cell-mediated immunity induced by adenovirus vaccines
PJ Holst, MR Sorensen, CM Mandrup Jensen, C Orskov, AR Thomsen, ...
The Journal of Immunology 180 (5), 3339-3346, 2008
CD4 and CD8 T Cell Responses to the M. tuberculosis Ag85B-TB10.4 Promoted by Adjuvanted Subunit, Adenovector or Heterologous Prime Boost Vaccination
T Elvang, JP Christensen, R Billeskov, T Thi Kim Thanh Hoang, P Holst, ...
PloS one 4 (4), e5139, 2009
The Role of CD4+ T Cells in Cell‐Mediated Immunity to LCM V: Studies in MHC Class I and Class II Deficient Mice
JP Christensen, O Marker, AR Thomsen
Scandinavian journal of immunology 40 (4), 373-382, 1994
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