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Shan Yan
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Alloying–realloying enabled high durability for Pt–Pd-3d-transition metal nanoparticle fuel cell catalysts
ZP Wu, DT Caracciolo, Y Maswadeh, J Wen, Z Kong, S Shan, JA Vargas, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 859, 2021
Origin of high activity and durability of twisty nanowire alloy catalysts under oxygen reduction and fuel cell operating conditions
Z Kong, Y Maswadeh, JA Vargas, S Shan, ZP Wu, H Kareem, AC Leff, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (3), 1287-1299, 2019
Surface enhanced Raman scattering detection of cancer biomarkers with bifunctional nanocomposite probes
J Li, Z Skeete, S Shan, S Yan, K Kurzatkowska, W Zhao, QM Ngo, ...
Analytical chemistry 87 (21), 10698-10702, 2015
Revealing the role of phase structures of bimetallic nanocatalysts in the oxygen reduction reaction
ZP Wu, S Shan, ZH Xie, N Kang, K Park, E Hopkins, S Yan, A Sharma, ...
ACS Catalysis 8 (12), 11302-11313, 2018
Probing Sources of Capacity Fade in LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 (NMC622): An Operando XRD Study of Li/NMC622 Batteries during Extended Cycling
CD Quilty, DC Bock, S Yan, KJ Takeuchi, ES Takeuchi, AC Marschilok
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (15), 8119-8128, 2020
The production of bioflocculants by Bacillus licheniformis using molasses and its application in the sugarcane industry
X Zhuang, Y Wang, Q Li, S Yan, N He
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 17, 1041-1047, 2012
Achieving stable molybdenum oxide cathodes for aqueous zinc‐ion batteries in water‐in‐salt electrolyte
L Wang, S Yan, CD Quilty, J Kuang, MR Dunkin, SN Ehrlich, L Ma, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (9), 2002080, 2021
Anode overpotential control via interfacial modification: inhibition of lithium plating on graphite anodes
KR Tallman, B Zhang, L Wang, S Yan, K Thompson, X Tong, J Thieme, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (50), 46864-46874, 2019
Nanoparticle–nanofibrous membranes as scaffolds for flexible sweat sensors
N Kang, F Lin, W Zhao, JP Lombardi, M Almihdhar, K Liu, S Yan, J Kim, ...
ACS Sensors 1 (8), 1060-1069, 2016
Effect of glucose on poly-γ-glutamic acid metabolism in Bacillus licheniformis
W Yu, Z Chen, H Ye, P Liu, Z Li, Y Wang, Q Li, S Yan, C Zhong, N He
Microbial Cell Factories 16, 1-10, 2017
Strain sensors fabricated by surface assembly of nanoparticles
HW Cheng, S Yan, G Shang, S Wang, CJ Zhong
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 186, 113268, 2021
From a Au-rich core/PtNi-rich shell to a Ni-rich core/PtAu-rich shell: an effective thermochemical pathway to nanoengineering catalysts for fuel cells
A Lu, ZP Wu, B Chen, DL Peng, S Yan, S Shan, Z Skeete, F Chang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (12), 5143-5155, 2018
Surface oxygenation of multicomponent nanoparticles toward active and stable oxidation catalysts
S Shan, J Li, Y Maswadeh, C O’Brien, H Kareem, DT Tran, IC Lee, ZP Wu, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 4201, 2020
Genes encoding the production of extracellular polysaccharide bioflocculant are clustered on a 30-kb DNA segment in Bacillus licheniformis
S Yan, N Wang, Z Chen, Y Wang, N He, Y Peng, Q Li, X Deng
Functional & integrative genomics 13, 425-434, 2013
Surface‐Mediated Interconnections of Nanoparticles in Cellulosic Fibrous Materials toward 3D Sensors
S Yan, S Shan, J Wen, J Li, N Kang, Z Wu, J Lombardi, HW Cheng, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (36), 2002171, 2020
Proteomic profiling of Bacillus licheniformis reveals a stress response mechanism in the synthesis of extracellular polymeric flocculants
W Yu, Z Chen, L Shen, Y Wang, Q Li, S Yan, CJ Zhong, N He
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 113 (4), 797-806, 2016
Molecular cloning and characterisation of an acyl carrier protein thioesterase gene (CocoFatB1) expressed in the endosperm of coconut (Cocos nucifera) and its heterologous …
Y Yuan, Y Chen, S Yan, Y Liang, Y Zheng, L Dongdong
Functional plant biology 41 (1), 80-86, 2013
Tortuosity engineering for improved charge storage kinetics in high-areal-capacity battery electrodes
Z Ju, X Zhang, J Wu, ST King, CC Chang, S Yan, Y Xue, KJ Takeuchi, ...
Nano Letters 22 (16), 6700-6708, 2022
Decoration of Nanofibrous Paper Chemiresistors with Dendronized Nanoparticles toward Structurally Tunable Negative‐Going Response Characteristics to Human Breathing and Sweating
S Yan, X Liu, Z Skeete, N He, ZH Xie, W Zhao, JP Lombardi III, K Liu, ...
Advanced materials interfaces 4 (22), 1700380, 2017
Improved capacity retention of lithium ion batteries under fast charge via metal-coated graphite electrodes
KR Tallman, S Yan, CD Quilty, A Abraham, AH McCarthy, AC Marschilok, ...
Journal of the electrochemical society 167 (16), 160503, 2020
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