Demel Teketay
Demel Teketay
Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Assessment of soil nutrient depletion and its spatial variability on smallholders’ mixed farming systems in Ethiopia using partial versus full nutrient balances
A Haileslassie, J Priess, E Veldkamp, D Teketay, JP Lesschen
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The role of enclosures in the recovery of woody vegetation in degraded dryland hillsides of central and northern Ethiopia
T Mengistu, D Teketay, H Hulten, Y Yemshaw
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Land use/land cover change analysis using object-based classification approach in Munessa-Shashemene landscape of the Ethiopian highlands
M Kindu, T Schneider, D Teketay, T Knoke
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Changes of ecosystem service values in response to land use/land cover dynamics in Munessa–Shashemene landscape of the Ethiopian highlands
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Some biological characteristics that foster the invasion of Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC. at Middle Awash Rift Valley Area, north-eastern Ethiopia
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Ethnomedicinal plant knowledge and practice of the Oromo ethnic group in southwestern Ethiopia
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Deforestation, wood famine, and environmental degradation in Ethiopia's highland ecosystems: urgent need for action
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Germination ecology of twelve indigenous and eight exotic multipurpose leguminous species from Ethiopia
D Teketay
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23 Human Impacts on the Coffea arabica Genepool in Ethiopia and the Need for its in situ Conservation
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Managing plant genetic diversity, 237, 2001
Regeneration of indigenous woody species under the canopies of tree plantations in Central Ethiopia
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Climate–growth relationships of the dominant tree species from semi-arid savanna woodland in Ethiopia
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History, botany and ecological requirements of coffee
D Teketay
Walia 1998 (20), 28-50, 1998
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