Timothy P. Nokken
Timothy P. Nokken
Associate Professor Political Science, Texas Tech University
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Congressional party defection in American history
TP Nokken, KT Poole
Legislative Studies Quarterly 29 (4), 545-568, 2004
Dynamics of congressional loyalty: Party defection and roll-call behavior, 1947-97
TP Nokken
Legis. Stud. Q. 25, 417, 2000
Confirmation dynamics: A model of presidential appointments to independent agencies
TP Nokken, BR Sala
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Party switching and the procedural party agenda in the US House of Representatives
TP Nokken
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The institutional origins of the Republican Party: Spatial voting and the house speakership election of 1855-56
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Legislative Studies Quarterly, 101-130, 2000
Legislative shirking in the pre-Twentieth Amendment era: Presidential influence, party power, and lame-duck sessions of Congress, 1877–1933
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Studies in American Political Development 22 (1), 111-140, 2008
Ideological congruence versus electoral success: Distribution of party organization contributions in senate elections, 1990-2000
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American Politics Research 31 (1), 3-26, 2003
Lame-Duck legislators and consideration of the ship subsidy bill of 1922
C Goodman, TP Nokken
American Politics Research 32 (4), 465-489, 2004
The ideological ends against the middle: House roll call votes on normal trade relation status for China, 1990-2000
TP Nokken
Congress & the Presidency: A Journal of Capital Studies 30 (2), 53-70, 2003
Uncertainty and Roll‐Call Voting in Lame‐Duck Sessions of the US House, 1969–2010
TP Nokken
Legislative Studies Quarterly 38 (4), 571-591, 2013
Institutional context and party power: Member participation and leadership strategy in the lame-duck congressional era
JA Jenkins, TP Nokken
American Politics Research 39 (4), 724-753, 2011
Congressional party defection in American history
TP Nokken, KT Poole
Available at SSRN 1154116, 2002
‘The Electoral Disconnection: Roll Call Behavior in Lame Duck Sessions of the House of Representatives, 1879–1933
TP Nokken
Party, process, and political change in Congress 2, 345-57, 2007
A Spatial Interpretation of Senate Confirmations
TP Nokken, BR Sala
Journal of Theoretical Politics, 1999
Institutional Evolution and the Rise of the Tuesday-Thursday Club in the House of Representatives
TP Nokken, BR Sala
Party, Process, and Political Change in Congress: New Perspectives on the …, 2002
The Presidential Shadow on Midterm House Elections: Presidential Support, Presidential Agendas, and Seat Loss
BJ Gaines, TP Nokken
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Typescript, 1999
Is Four Twice as Nice as Two? A Natural Experiment on the Electoral Effects of Legislative Term Length
BJ Gaines, TP Nokken, C Groebe
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 12 (1), 43-57, 2012
Contemporary lame-duck sessions of Congress: An overview and assessment with special emphasis on the 110th Congress
JA Jenkins, TP Nokken
Presidential vote buying in Congress
JA Jenkins, T Nokken
Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston, MA, 2008
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