William Rapin
William Rapin
CNRS - IRAP - Univ. Toulouse
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Calcium sulfate veins characterized by ChemCam/Curiosity at Gale crater, Mars
M Nachon, SM Clegg, N Mangold, S Schröder, LC Kah, G Dromart, ...
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The SuperCam instrument suite on the NASA Mars 2020 rover: Body unit and combined system tests
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The SuperCam instrument suite on the Mars 2020 rover: science objectives and mast-unit description
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S Maurice, SM Clegg, RC Wiens, O Gasnault, W Rapin, O Forni, A Cousin, ...
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Hydration state of calcium sulfates in Gale crater, Mars: Identification of bassanite veins
W Rapin, PY Meslin, S Maurice, D Vaniman, M Nachon, N Mangold, ...
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An interval of high salinity in ancient Gale crater lake on Mars
W Rapin, BL Ehlmann, G Dromart, J Schieber, NH Thomas, WW Fischer, ...
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The potassic sedimentary rocks in Gale Crater, Mars, as seen by ChemCam on board Curiosity
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Martian aeolian activity at the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater: The view from the surface and orbit
NT Bridges, R Sullivan, CE Newman, S Navarro, J Van Beek, RC Ewing, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 122 (10), 2077-2110, 2017
Quantification of water content by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy on Mars
W Rapin, PY Meslin, S Maurice, RC Wiens, D Laporte, B Chauviré, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 130, 82-100, 2017
Magmatic complexity on early Mars as seen through a combination of orbital, in-situ and meteorite data
V Sautter, MJ Toplis, P Beck, N Mangold, R Wiens, P Pinet, A Cousin, ...
Lithos 254, 36-52, 2016
Compositions of coarse and fine particles in martian soils at gale: A window into the production of soils
A Cousin, PY Meslin, RC Wiens, W Rapin, N Mangold, C Fabre, ...
Icarus 249, 22-42, 2015
Evaluating the wind-induced mechanical noise on the InSight seismometers
N Murdoch, D Mimoun, RF Garcia, W Rapin, T Kawamura, P Lognonné, ...
Space Science Reviews 211, 429-455, 2017
In situ detection of boron by ChemCam on Mars
PJ Gasda, EB Haldeman, RC Wiens, W Rapin, TF Bristow, JC Bridges, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (17), 8739-8748, 2017
Composition of conglomerates analyzed by the Curiosity rover: Implications for Gale Crater crust and sediment sources
N Mangold, LM Thompson, O Forni, AJ Williams, C Fabre, L Le Deit, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 121 (3), 353-387, 2016
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