Dusan Misevic
Dusan Misevic
Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris
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The surprising creativity of digital evolution: A collection of anecdotes from the evolutionary computation and artificial life research communities
J Lehman, J Clune, D Misevic, C Adami, L Altenberg, J Beaulieu, ...
Artificial life 26 (2), 274-306, 2020
Chalearn looking at people 2015: Apparent age and cultural event recognition datasets and results
S Escalera, J Fabian, P Pardo, X Baró, J Gonzalez, HJ Escalante, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision …, 2015
Sexual reproduction reshapes the genetic architecture of digital organisms
D Misevic, C Ofria, RE Lenski
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1585), 457-464, 2006
Natural selection fails to optimize mutation rates for long-term adaptation on rugged fitness landscapes
J Clune, D Misevic, C Ofria, RE Lenski, SF Elena, R Sanjuán
PLoS Computational Biology 4 (9), e1000187, 2008
Genetic information transfer promotes cooperation in bacteria
T Dimitriu, C Lotton, J Bénard-Capelle, D Misevic, SP Brown, AB Lindner, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (30), 11103-11108, 2014
The surprising creativity of digital evolution
J Lehman, J Clune, D Misevic
ALIFE 2018: The 2018 Conference on Artificial Life, 55-56, 2018
Experiments with digital organisms on the origin and maintenance of sex in changing environments
D Misevic, C Ofria, RE Lenski
Journal of heredity 101 (suppl_1), S46-S54, 2010
Genetic architecture promotes the evolution and maintenance of cooperation
A Frénoy, F Taddei, D Misevic
PLoS computational biology 9 (11), e1003339, 2013
Sexual reproduction and Muller’s ratchet in digital organisms
D Misevic, RE Lenski, C Ofria
Ninth International Conference on Artificial Life, 340-345, 2004
Indirect fitness benefits enable the spread of host genes promoting costly transfer of beneficial plasmids
T Dimitriu, D Misevic, C Lotton, SP Brown, AB Lindner, F Taddei
PLoS biology 14 (6), e1002478, 2016
Effects of public good properties on the evolution of cooperation
D Misevic, A Frénoy, DP Parsons, F Taddei
ALIFE 2012: The Thirteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and …, 2012
Mobile genetic elements are involved in bacterial sociality
T Dimitriu, D Misevic, AB Lindner, F Taddei
Mobile genetic elements 5 (1), 7-11, 2015
Predicting the evolution of sex on complex fitness landscapes
D Misevic, RD Kouyos, S Bonhoeffer
PLoS computational biology 5 (9), e1000510, 2009
Shape matters: Lifecycle of cooperative patches promotes cooperation in bulky populations
D Misevic, A Frénoy, AB Lindner, F Taddei
Evolution 69 (3), 788-802, 2015
Robustness and evolvability of cooperation
A Frenoy, F Taddei, D Misevic
Artificial Life 13, 53-58, 2012
The AgeGuess database, an open online resource on chronological and perceived ages of people aged 5–100
JAB Jones, UW Nash, J Vieillefont, K Christensen, D Misevic, UK Steiner
Scientific data 6 (1), 1-8, 2019
Interdisciplinary Research in Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities
R Kusters, D Misevic, H Berry, A Cully, Y Le Cunff, L Dandoy, ...
Frontiers in Big Data 3, 45, 2020
Ten Simple Rules for Open Health Research
A Bafeta, J Bobe, J Clucas, PP Gonsalves, C Gruson-Daniel, K Hudson, ...
Preprints, 2019
Second‐order cooperation: Cooperative offspring as a living public good arising from second‐order selection on non‐cooperative individuals
A Frénoy, F Taddei, D Misevic
Evolution 71 (7), 1802-1814, 2017
Digital sex: causes and consequences of recombination
D Misevic
Michigan State University, 2006
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