Zofia E Taranu
Zofia E Taranu
Environment and Climate Change Canada
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Acceleration of cyanobacterial dominance in north temperate‐subarctic lakes during the Anthropocene
ZE Taranu, I Gregory‐Eaves, PR Leavitt, L Bunting, T Buchaca, J Catalan, ...
Ecology letters 18 (4), 375-384, 2015
Predicting cyanobacterial dynamics in the face of global change: the importance of scale and environmental context
ZE Taranu, RW Zurawell, F Pick, I Gregory‐Eaves
Global Change Biology 18 (12), 3477-3490, 2012
The influence of time, soil characteristics, and land‐use history on soil phosphorus legacies: a global meta‐analysis
GK MacDonald, EM Bennett, ZE Taranu
Global Change Biology 18 (6), 1904-1917, 2012
Quantifying relationships among phosphorus, agriculture, and lake depth at an inter-regional scale
ZE Taranu, I Gregory-Eaves
Ecosystems 11 (5), 715-725, 2008
Urban point sources of nutrients were the leading cause for the historical spread of hypoxia across European lakes
JP Jenny, A Normandeau, P Francus, ZE Taranu, I Gregory-Eaves, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (45), 12655-12660, 2016
Predicting microcystin concentrations in lakes and reservoirs at a continental scale: A new framework for modelling an important health risk factor
ZE Taranu, I Gregory‐Eaves, RJ Steele, M Beaulieu, P Legendre
Global Ecology and Biogeography 26 (6), 625-637, 2017
Land-use legacies are important determinants of lake eutrophication in the anthropocene
BE Keatley, EM Bennett, GK MacDonald, ZE Taranu, I Gregory-Eaves
PloS one 6 (1), e15913, 2011
Bacteriophages isolated from stunted children can regulate gut bacterial communities in an age-specific manner
MK Mirzaei, MAA Khan, P Ghosh, ZE Taranu, M Taguer, J Ru, ...
Cell host & microbe 27 (2), 199-212. e5, 2020
Signatures of the collapse and incipient recovery of an overexploited marine ecosystem
EJ Pedersen, PL Thompson, RA Ball, MJ Fortin, TC Gouhier, H Link, ...
Royal Society open science 4 (7), 170215, 2017
Small changes in climate can profoundly alter the dynamics and ecosystem services of tropical crater lakes
É Saulnier-Talbot, I Gregory-Eaves, KG Simpson, J Efitre, TE Nowlan, ...
PloS one 9 (1), e86561, 2014
Reconstructing a long-term record of microcystins from the analysis of lake sediments
A Zastepa, ZE Taranu, LE Kimpe, JM Blais, I Gregory-Eaves, RW Zurawell, ...
Science of the Total Environment 579, 893-901, 2017
Contrasting responses of dimictic and polymictic lakes to environmental change: a spatial and temporal study
ZE Taranu, D Köster, RI Hall, T Charette, F Forrest, LC Cwynar, ...
Aquatic sciences 72 (1), 97-115, 2010
Niche separation increases with genetic distance among bloom-forming cyanobacteria
N Tromas, ZE Taranu, BD Martin, A Willis, N Fortin, CW Greer, BJ Shapiro
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 438, 2018
Similarity in spatial structure constrains ecosystem relationships: Building a macroscale understanding of lakes
JF Lapierre, SM Collins, DA Seekell, K Spence Cheruvelil, PN Tan, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 27 (10), 1251-1263, 2018
Regional versus local drivers of water quality in the Windermere catchment, Lake District, United Kingdom: The dominant influence of wastewater pollution over the past 200 years
HL Moorhouse, S McGowan, ZE Taranu, I Gregory‐Eaves, PR Leavitt, ...
Global change biology 24 (9), 4009-4022, 2018
Challenges of studying the human virome–relevant emerging technologies
MK Mirzaei, J Xue, R Costa, J Ru, S Schulz, ZE Taranu, L Deng
Trends in Microbiology 29 (2), 171-181, 2021
Insights for lake management gained when paleolimnological and water column monitoring studies are combined: A case study from Baptiste Lake
KE Adams, ZE Taranu, R Zurawell, BF Cumming, I Gregory-Eaves
Lake and Reservoir Management 30 (1), 11-22, 2014
Contrasting histories of microcystin-producing cyanobacteria in two temperate lakes as inferred from quantitative sediment DNA analyses
S Pilon, A Zastepa, ZE Taranu, I Gregory-Eaves, M Racine, JM Blais, ...
Lake and Reservoir Management 35 (1), 102-117, 2019
Can we detect ecosystem critical transitions and signals of changing resilience from paleo‐ecological records?
ZE Taranu, SR Carpenter, V Frossard, JP Jenny, Z Thomas, JC Vermaire, ...
Ecosphere 9 (10), e02438, 2018
Effects of river scale flow regimes and local scale habitat properties on fish community attributes
C Senay, ZE Taranu, G Bourque, CJ Macnaughton, G Lanthier, ...
Aquatic Sciences 79 (1), 13-26, 2017
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