Daniel Scherrer
Daniel Scherrer
Scientific staff member, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL
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Topographically controlled thermal‐habitat differentiation buffers alpine plant diversity against climate warming
D Scherrer, C Körner
Journal of biogeography 38 (2), 406-416, 2011
Infra‐red thermometry of alpine landscapes challenges climatic warming projections
D Scherrer, C Koerner
Global Change Biology 16 (9), 2602-2613, 2010
What we use is not what we know: environmental predictors in plant distribution models
HK Mod, D Scherrer, M Luoto, A Guisan
Journal of Vegetation Science 27 (6), 1308-1322, 2016
Drought-sensitivity ranking of deciduous tree species based on thermal imaging of forest canopies
D Scherrer, MKF Bader, C Körner
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 151 (12), 1632-1640, 2011
Elevational species shifts in a warmer climate are overestimated when based on weather station data
D Scherrer, S Schmid, C Körner
International journal of Biometeorology 55 (4), 645-654, 2011
Assessing and predicting shifts in mountain forest composition across 25 years of climate change
D Scherrer, S Massy, S Meier, P Vittoz, A Guisan
Diversity and Distributions 23 (5), 517-528, 2017
Biogeophysical controls on soil-atmosphere thermal differences: implications on warming Arctic ecosystems
J Aalto, D Scherrer, J Lenoir, A Guisan, M Luoto
Environmental Research Letters 13 (7), 074003, 2018
Effects of simulated observation errors on the performance of species distribution models
RF Fernandes, D Scherrer, A Guisan
Diversity and Distributions 25 (3), 400-413, 2019
How to best threshold and validate stacked species assemblages? Community optimisation might hold the answer
D Scherrer, M D'Amen, RF Fernandes, RG Mateo, A Guisan
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (10), 2155-2166, 2018
Disentangling the processes driving plant assemblages in mountain grasslands across spatial scales and environmental gradients
D Scherrer, HK Mod, J Pottier, A Litsios‐Dubuis, L Pellissier, P Vittoz, ...
Journal of Ecology 107 (1), 265-278, 2019
Ecological indicator values reveal missing predictors of species distributions
D Scherrer, A Guisan
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
Modelling bat distributions and diversity in a mountain landscape using focal predictors in ensemble of small models
D Scherrer, P Christe, A Guisan
Diversity and Distributions 25 (5), 770-782, 2019
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Biodiversity
AA Guisan, O Broennimann, A Buri, C Cianfrani, M D’Amen, V Di Cola, ...
Biodiversity and climate change, 229-241, 2019
How much should one sample to accurately predict the distribution of species assemblages? A virtual community approach
RF Fernandes, D Scherrer, A Guisan
Ecological Informatics 48, 125-134, 2018
Package ‘ecospat’
O Broennimann, V Di Cola, B Petitpierre, F Breiner, D Scherrer, ...
WWW document] URL https://cran. r-project. org/web/packages/ecospat/index …, 2014
Competition and demography rather than dispersal limitation slow down upward shifts of trees’ upper elevation limits in the Alps
D Scherrer, Y Vitasse, A Guisan, T Wohlgemuth, H Lischke
Journal of Ecology 108 (6), 2416-2430, 2020
Genet longevity and population age structure of the clonal pioneer species Geum reptans based on demographic field data and projection matrix modelling
LC de Witte, D Scherrer, J Stöcklin
Preslia 83, 371-386, 2011
Scaling the linkage between environmental niches and functional traits for improved spatial predictions of biological communities
A Guisan, HK Mod, D Scherrer, T Münkemüller, J Pottier, JM Alexander, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 28 (10), 1384-1392, 2019
How to evaluate community predictions without thresholding?
D Scherrer, HK Mod, A Guisan
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (1), 51-63, 2020
Colonization dynamics of a clonal pioneer plant on a glacier foreland inferred from spatially explicit and size-structured matrix models
D Scherrer, P Stoll, J Stöcklin
Folia geobotanica 52 (3), 353-366, 2017
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