Jan Nedergaard
Jan Nedergaard
professor of physiology, Stockholm University
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Brown adipose tissue: function and physiological significance
B Cannon, JAN Nedergaard
Physiological reviews, 2004
Unexpected evidence for active brown adipose tissue in adult humans
J Nedergaard, T Bengtsson, B Cannon
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2007
Chronic peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) activation of epididymally derived white adipocyte cultures reveals a population of thermogenically competent, UCP1 …
N Petrovic, TB Walden, IG Shabalina, JA Timmons, B Cannon, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (10), 7153-7164, 2010
UCP1 ablation induces obesity and abolishes diet-induced thermogenesis in mice exempt from thermal stress by living at thermoneutrality
HM Feldmann, V Golozoubova, B Cannon, J Nedergaard
Cell metabolism 9 (2), 203-209, 2009
The presence of UCP1 demonstrates that metabolically active adipose tissue in the neck of adult humans truly represents brown adipose tissue
MC Zingaretti, F Crosta, A Vitali, M Guerrieri, A Frontini, B Cannon, ...
The FASEB Journal 23 (9), 3113-3120, 2009
Myogenic gene expression signature establishes that brown and white adipocytes originate from distinct cell lineages
JA Timmons, K Wennmalm, O Larsson, TB Walden, T Lassmann, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (11), 4401-4406, 2007
Nonshivering thermogenesis and its adequate measurement in metabolic studies
B Cannon, J Nedergaard
Journal of Experimental Biology 214 (2), 242-253, 2011
UCP1: the only protein able to mediate adaptive non-shivering thermogenesis and metabolic inefficiency
J Nedergaard, V Golozoubova, A Matthias, A Asadi, A Jacobsson, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1504 (1), 82-106, 2001
UCP1 in brite/beige adipose tissue mitochondria is functionally thermogenic
IG Shabalina, N Petrovic, JMA de Jong, AV Kalinovich, B Cannon, ...
Cell reports 5 (5), 1196-1203, 2013
Recruited vs. nonrecruited molecular signatures of brown,“brite,” and white adipose tissues
TB Waldén, IR Hansen, JA Timmons, B Cannon, J Nedergaard
American journal of physiology-endocrinology and metabolism 302 (1), E19-E31, 2012
A classical brown adipose tissue mRNA signature partly overlaps with brite in the supraclavicular region of adult humans
NZ Jespersen, TJ Larsen, L Peijs, S Daugaard, P Homøe, A Loft, ...
Cell metabolism 17 (5), 798-805, 2013
Only UCP1 can mediate adaptive nonshivering thermogenesis in the cold
V Golozoubova, ESA Hohtola, A Matthias, A Jacobsson, B Cannon, ...
The FASEB Journal 15 (11), 2048-2050, 2001
The browning of white adipose tissue: some burning issues
J Nedergaard, B Cannon
Cell metabolism 20 (3), 396-407, 2014
The changed metabolic world with human brown adipose tissue: therapeutic visions
J Nedergaard, B Cannon
Cell metabolism 11 (4), 268-272, 2010
Genetic and functional characterization of clonally derived adult human brown adipocytes
K Shinoda, IHN Luijten, Y Hasegawa, H Hong, SB Sonne, M Kim, R Xue, ...
Nature medicine 21 (4), 389-394, 2015
The biochemistry of an inefficient tissue: brown adipose tissue
B Cannon, J Nedergaard
Essays Biochem 20 (1), 10-163, 1985
Retinoblastoma protein functions as a molecular switch determining white versus brown adipocyte differentiation
JB Hansen, C Jørgensen, RK Petersen, P Hallenborg, R De Matteis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (12), 4112-4117, 2004
Thermogenic responses in brown fat cells are fully UCP1-dependent: UCP2 or UCP3 do not substitute for UCP1 in adrenergically or fatty acid-induced thermogenesis
A Matthias, KBE Ohlson, JM Fredriksson, A Jacobsson, J Nedergaard, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 275 (33), 25073-25081, 2000
Hypoxia-independent angiogenesis in adipose tissues during cold acclimation
Y Xue, N Petrovic, R Cao, O Larsson, S Lim, S Chen, HM Feldmann, ...
Cell metabolism 9 (1), 99-109, 2009
A stringent validation of mouse adipose tissue identity markers
JMA de Jong, O Larsson, B Cannon, J Nedergaard
American journal of physiology-endocrinology and metabolism 308 (12), E1085 …, 2015
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