Zhenyu Liao
Zhenyu Liao
Northeastern University
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Consequences of abusive supervision: A meta-analytic review
Y Zhang, Z Liao
Asia Pacific journal of management 32 (4), 959-987, 2015
Shared leadership: A state‐of‐the‐art review and future research agenda
J Zhu, Z Liao, KC Yam, RE Johnson
Journal of Organizational Behavior 39 (7), 834-852, 2018
Why and when leaders’ affective states influence employee upward voice
W Liu, Z Song, X Li, Z Liao
Academy of Management Journal 60 (1), 238-263, 2017
The mixed blessing of leader sense of humor: Examining costs and benefits
KC Yam, MS Christian, W Wei, Z Liao, J Nai
Academy of Management Journal 61 (1), 348-369, 2018
Cleansing my abuse: A reparative response model of perpetrating abusive supervisor behavior.
Z Liao, KC Yam, RE Johnson, W Liu, Z Song
Journal of Applied Psychology 103 (9), 1039, 2018
Give and take: An episodic perspective on leader-member exchange.
Z Liao, W Liu, X Li, Z Song
Journal of Applied Psychology 104 (1), 34, 2019
Seeing from a short-term perspective: When and why daily abusive supervisor behavior yields functional and dysfunctional consequences.
Z Liao, HW Lee, RE Johnson, Z Song, Y Liu
Journal of Applied Psychology 106 (3), 377, 2021
Abusive supervision and psychological capital: a mediated moderation model of team member support and supervisor-student exchange
Z Liao, Y Liu
Frontiers of Business Research in China 9 (4), 576, 2015
刘军, 廖振宇, 高中华
管理学报 10 (6), 839-846, 2013
Is abuse always bad? A latent change score approach to examine consequences of abusive supervision
Z Liao, AC Peng, WD Li, J Schaubroeck
Academy of Management Proceedings 2016 (1), 11621, 2016
When moral tension begets cognitive dissonance: An investigation of responses to unethical pro-organizational behavior and the contingent effect of construal level
N Yang, C Lin, Z Liao, M Xue
Journal of Business Ethics, 1-15, 2021
A multilevel study on antecedents of abusive supervision: A trait activation approach
Z Liao, WD Li, IE De Pater, J Liu, D Wang
Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1), 13857, 2015
How does CSR reconcile employees' paradoxical responses to unethical pro-organizational behavior
Z Liao, KC Yam, RE Johnson
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 15486, 2019
Exchanging Through Emoting: An Emotional Model of Leader-Member Episodic Exchanges
Z Liao, L Wu, Y Wang, H Zhang
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 14248, 2019
Leader-member exchange process: The mediating roles of state gratitude and momentary trust in leader
Z Liao, L Wu, Z Song, X Li, Y Liu
Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1), 13871, 2015
Exchange through emoting: An emotional model of leader–member resource exchanges
Z Liao, L Wu, HJ Zhang, Z Song, Y Wang
Personnel Psychology, 2022
Leader’s Anger and Employee Upward Voice
W Liu, F Wang, Z Liao
Emotion and Proactivity at Work: Prospects and Dialogues, 193-214, 2021
What Makes Abusive Supervision? A Process of Trait Activation
Z Liao, P Bhattacharya, Z Yin
Academy of Management Proceedings 2013 (1), 15633, 2013
Workplace marginalization: in the group but out of the loop
W Wang, Y Liu, Z Liao, J Liu
Frontiers of Business Research in China 6 (2), 245-261, 2012
Gender-Biased Implementation Support for Novel Ideas: A Theoretical Lens of Judgments of Morality
Z Liao, H Zhang, N Wang, W Bottom
Academy of Management Proceedings 2021 (1), 14015, 2021
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