Denis Sych
Denis Sych
P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Потвърден имейл адрес: lebedev.ru
A generator for unique quantum random numbers based on vacuum states
C Gabriel, C Wittmann, D Sych, R Dong, W Mauerer, UL Andersen, ...
Nature Photonics 4 (10), 711-715, 2010
A complete basis of generalized Bell states
D Sych, G Leuchs
New Journal of Physics 11 (1), 013006, 2009
Experimental realization of quantum tomography of photonic qudits via symmetric informationally complete positive operator-valued measures
N Bent, H Qassim, AA Tahir, D Sych, G Leuchs, LL Sánchez-Soto, ...
Physical Review X 5 (4), 041006, 2015
Feasibility of free space quantum key distribution with coherent polarization states
D Elser, T Bartley, B Heim, C Wittmann, D Sych, G Leuchs
New Journal of Physics 11 (4), 045014, 2009
Demonstration of coherent-state discrimination using a displacement-controlled photon-number-resolving detector
C Wittmann, UL Andersen, M Takeoka, D Sych, G Leuchs
Physical review letters 104 (10), 100505, 2010
Coherent state quantum key distribution with multi letter phase-shift keying
D Sych, G Leuchs
New Journal of Physics 12 (5), 053019, 2010
Discrimination of binary coherent states using a homodyne detector and a photon number resolving detector
C Wittmann, UL Andersen, M Takeoka, D Sych, G Leuchs
Physical Review A 81 (6), 062338, 2010
Atmospheric channel characteristics for quantum communication with continuous polarization variables
B Heim, D Elser, T Bartley, M Sabuncu, C Wittmann, D Sych, C Marquardt, ...
Applied Physics B 98, 635-640, 2010
Practical receiver for optimal discrimination of binary coherent signals
D Sych, G Leuchs
Physical review letters 117 (20), 200501, 2016
Temporal shaping of single photons enabled by entanglement
V Averchenko, D Sych, G Schunk, U Vogl, C Marquardt, G Leuchs
Physical Review A 96 (4), 043822, 2017
Mutually unbiased bases and generalized Bell states
AB Klimov, D Sych, LL Sánchez-Soto, G Leuchs
Physical Review A 79 (5), 052101, 2009
Critical error rate of quantum-key-distribution protocols versus the size and dimensionality of the quantum alphabet
DV Sych, BA Grishanin, VN Zadkov
Physical Review A 70 (5), 052331, 2004
Informational completeness of continuous-variable measurements
D Sych, J Řeháček, Z Hradil, G Leuchs, LL Sánchez-Soto
Physical Review A 86 (5), 052123, 2012
Quantum noise extraction from the interference of laser pulses in an optical quantum random number generator
R Shakhovoy, D Sych, V Sharoglazova, A Udaltsov, A Fedorov, ...
Optics express 28 (5), 6209-6224, 2020
Sub-shot-noise-limited fiber-optic quantum receiver
ML Shcherbatenko, MS Elezov, GN Goltsman, DV Sych
Physical Review A 101 (3), 032306, 2020
Analysis of limiting information characteristics of quantum-cryptography protocols
DV Sych, BA Grishanin, VN Zadkov
Quantum electronics 35 (1), 80, 2005
Triplet-like correlation symmetry of continuous variable entangled states
G Leuchs, R Dong, D Sych
New Journal of Physics 11 (11), 113040, 2009
Efficient generation of temporally shaped photons using nonlocal spectral filtering
V Averchenko, D Sych, C Marquardt, G Leuchs
Physical Review A 101 (1), 013808, 2020
Generic method for lossless generation of arbitrarily shaped photons
D Sych, V Averchenko, G Leuchs
Physical Review A 96 (5), 053847, 2017
Active and passive phase stabilization for the all-fiber Michelson interferometer
MS Elezov, ML Scherbatenko, DV Sych, GN Goltsman
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1124 (5), 051014, 2018
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