Ivan Gonzalez-Bergonzoni
Ivan Gonzalez-Bergonzoni
Associate Professor, Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas, CENUR Litoral Norte, Universidad de la
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Impacts of climate warming on lake fish community structure and potential effects on ecosystem function
E Jeppesen, M Meerhoff, K Holmgren, I González-Bergonzoni, ...
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Climate change impacts on lakes: an integrated ecological perspective based on a multi-faceted approach, with special focus on shallow lakes
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Different responses of functional traits and diversity of stream macroinvertebrates to environmental and spatial factors in the Xishuangbanna watershed of the upper Mekong …
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Peces de agua dulce del Uruguay
F Teixeira de Mello, I González-Bergonzoni, M Loureiro
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Small birds, big effects: the little auk (Alle alle) transforms high Arctic ecosystems
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Fish determine macroinvertebrate food webs and assemblage structure in Greenland subarctic streams
I Gonzalez-Bergonzoni, F Landkildehus, M Meerhoff, TL Lauridsen, ...
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The history of seabird colonies and the North Water ecosystem: Contributions from palaeoecological and archaeological evidence
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Evaluating the role of predatory fish controlling the invasion of the Asian golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei in a subtropical river
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Monitoring fish communities in wadeable lowland streams: comparing the efficiency of electrofishing methods at contrasting fish assemblages
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A new species of Gymnogeophagus Miranda Ribeiro from Uruguay (Teleostei: Cichliformes)
M Loureiro, M Zarucki, LR Malabarba, I González-Bergonzoni
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Community isolation drives lower fish biomass and species richness, but higher functional evenness, in a river metacommunity
AI Borthagaray, F Teixeira‐de Mello, G Tesitore, E Ortiz, M Illarze, ...
Freshwater Biology 65 (12), 2081-2095, 2020
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