Xitlali Aguirre-Dugua
Xitlali Aguirre-Dugua
Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca
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Ecología molecular
X Aguirre
Instituto Nacional de Ecología, 2007
Manejo tradicional de biodiversidad y ecosistemas en Mesoamérica: el Valle de Tehuacán
A Casas, A Camou, A Otero-Arnaiz, S Rangel-Landa, J Cruse-Sanders, ...
Investigación ambiental 6 (2), 23-44, 2014
Round and large: morphological and genetic consequences of artificial selection on the gourd tree Crescentia cujete by the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
X Aguirre-Dugua, LE Eguiarte, A González-Rodríguez, A Casas
Annals of Botany 109 (7), 1297-1306, 2012
Genetic diversity, conservation and sustainable use of wild Agave cupreata and Agave potatorum extracted for mezcal production in Mexico
X Aguirre-Dugua, LE Eguiarte
Journal of Arid Environments 90, 36-44, 2013
From Isozymes to Genomics: Population Genetics and Conservation of Agave in México
LE Eguiarte, E Aguirre-Planter, X Aguirre, R Colín, A González, M Rocha, ...
The Botanical Review 79, 483-506, 2013
Multi‐locus phylogenetics, lineage sorting, and reticulation in Pinus subsection Australes
DS Gernandt, X Aguirre Dugua, A Vázquez‐Lobo, A Willyard, ...
American Journal of Botany 105 (4), 711-725, 2018
Los agaves y las prácticas mesoamericanas de aprovechamiento, manejo y domesticación
C García-Marín, T García, C Fernández, F Urbina, C Toledo, Z Villarreal, ...
Phenotypic differentiation between wild and domesticated varieties of Crescentia cujeteL. and culturally relevant uses of their fruits as bowls in the Yucatan …
X Aguirre-Dugua, E Pérez-Negrón, A Casas
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 9, 1-15, 2013
Brazilian and Mexican experiences in the study of incipient domestication
EMF Lins Neto, N Peroni, A Casas, F Parra, X Aguirre, S Guillén, ...
Journal of ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 10, 1-12, 2014
Inter simple sequence repeats (ISSRs)
A González, X Aguirre
Ecología Molecular. Compilado por Luis Eguiarte, Valeria Souza y Xitlali …, 2007
The domestication of Cucurbita argyrosperma as revealed by the genome of its wild relative
J Barrera-Redondo, G Sanchez-de La Vega, JA Aguirre-Liguori, ...
Horticulture research 8, 2021
Incorporating fossils into the Pinaceae tree of life
DS Gernandt, C Reséndiz Arias, T Terrazas, X Aguirre Dugua, A Willyard
American Journal of Botany 105 (8), 1329-1344, 2018
Diversity of Treegourd (Crescentia cujete) Suggests Introduction and Prehistoric Dispersal Routes into Amazonia
PA Moreira, X Aguirre-Dugua, C Mariac, L Zekraoui, M Couderc, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 5, 150, 2017
Phylogeographical approaches to the study of plant domestication, with special emphasis on perennial plants
X Aguirre-Dugua, A González-Rodríguez
Ethnobotany of Mexico: Interactions of People and Plants in Mesoamerica, 319-366, 2016
Genética de poblaciones de Agave cupreata y Agave potatorum: aportaciones para el manejo y conservación de dos especies mezcaleras
DX Aguirre
Laboratorio de Evolución Molecular y Experimental. Instituto de Ecología …, 2004
Diversidad genética en dos especies mezcaleras
L Eguiarte, X Aguirre, M Rocha, C Torres, A Silva, A Valera
Informe final del proyecto 38, 2003
Ecología molecular
M Rentaría-Alcántara, L Eguiarte, V Souza, X Aguirre
Breve revisión de los marcadores moleculares”. Capítulo 18, 2007
Anthropogenic dispersion of selected germplasm creates a geographic mosaic of contrasting maternal lineages in Crescentia cujete from Mesoamerica
X Aguirre-Dugua, J Llanderal-Mendoza, A González-Rodríguez, ...
Tree genetics & genomes 14, 1-16, 2018
Evolutionary Dynamics of Transferred Sequences Between Organellar Genomes in Cucurbita
X Aguirre-Dugua, G Castellanos-Morales, LM Paredes-Torres, ...
Journal of Molecular Evolution 87, 327-342, 2019
ADN polimórfico amplificado al azar (RAPD) y regiones intermedias entre secuencias simples repetidas
MGR Munive, AG González, XA Dugua
Herramientas moleculares aplicadas en ecología: aspectos teóricos y …, 2014
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