Dr. Dhruv Pratap Singh
Dr. Dhruv Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhilai
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Non‐Equilibrium Assembly of Light‐Activated Colloidal Mixtures
DP Singh, U Choudhury, P Fischer, AG Mark
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Photogravitactic microswimmers
DP Singh, WE Uspal, MN Popescu, LG Wilson, P Fischer
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Chiral plasmonic hydrogen sensors
M Matuschek, DP Singh, HH Jeong, M Nesterov, T Weiss, P Fischer, ...
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Light‐Controlled Micromotors and Soft Microrobots
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Optical and thermophoretic control of Janus nanopen injection into living cells
CM Maier, MA Huergo, S Milosevic, C Pernpeintner, M Li, DP Singh, ...
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Delayed freezing of water droplet on silver nanocolumnar thin film
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Revisiting the structure zone model for sculptured silver thin films deposited at low substrate temperatures
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Chemical micromotors self-assemble and self-propel by spontaneous symmetry breaking
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Microchannels with self-pumping walls
T Yu, AG Athanassiadis, MN Popescu, V Chikkadi, A Güth, DP Singh, ...
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Spectrally Selective and Highly Sensitive UV Photodetection with UV‐A,C Band Specific Polarity Switching in Silver Plasmonic Nanoparticle Enhanced Gallium Oxide Thin‐Film
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Interface-mediated spontaneous symmetry breaking and mutual communication between drops containing chemically active particles
DP Singh, A Domínguez, U Choudhury, SN Kottapalli, MN Popescu, ...
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Chemical nanomotors at the gram scale form a dense active optorheological medium
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Highly sensitive superhydrophobic Ag nanorods array substrates for surface enhanced fluorescence studies
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Morphology dependent surface enhanced fluorescence study on silver nanorod arrays fabricated by glancing angle deposition
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Highly photoresponsive and wavelength-selective circularly-polarized-light detector based on metal-oxides hetero-chiral thin film
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Capture of 2D Microparticle Arrays via a UV‐Triggered Thiol‐yne “Click” Reaction
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Enhanced evaporation of sessile water droplet on vertically standing Ag nanorods film
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Fabrication of superhydrophobic silver nanorods array substrate using glancing angle deposition
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Controlled growth of standing Ag nanorod arrays on bare Si substrate using glancing angle deposition for self-cleaning applications
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Synthesis of core-shell nanostructures by oblique angle deposition
DP Singh, R Nagar, JP Singh
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (7), 074306, 2010
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