Anne Bruneau
Anne Bruneau
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Plant O-methyltransferases: molecular analysis, common signature and classification
RK Ibrahim, A Bruneau, B Bantignies
Plant molecular biology 36 (1), 1-10, 1998
Phylogenetic patterns and diversification in the caesalpinioid legumes
A Bruneau, M Mercure, GP Lewis, PS Herendeen
Botany 86 (7), 697-718, 2008
Legume phylogeny and classification in the 21st century: Progress, prospects and lessons for other species–rich clades
Legume Phylogeny Working Group, A Bruneau, JJ Doyle, P Herendeen, ...
Taxon 62 (2), 217-248, 2013
Phylogenetic relationships in the Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae) as inferred from chloroplast trnL intron sequences
A Bruneau, F Forest, PS Herendeen, BB Klitgaard, GP Lewis
Systematic Botany 26 (3), 487-514, 2001
A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny: The Legume Phylogeny Working Group (LPWG)
N Azani, M Babineau, CD Bailey, H Banks, AR Barbosa, RB Pinto, ...
taxon 66 (1), 44-77, 2017
Incorporating Allelic Variation for Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Organisms from Multiple Genes: An Example from Rosa in North America
S Joly, A Bruneau
Systematic Biology 55 (4), 623-636, 2006
Evolution and homology of bird pollination syndromes in Erythrina (Leguminosae)
A Bruneau
American Journal of Botany 84 (1), 54-71, 1997
Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Rosa: new evidence from chloroplast DNA sequences and an appraisal of current knowledge
A Bruneau, JR Starr, S Joly
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Polyploid and hybrid evolution in roses east of the Rocky Mountains
S Joly, JR Starr, WH Lewis, A Bruneau
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Ecology in the age of DNA barcoding: the resource, the promise and the challenges ahead
S Joly, TJ Davies, A Archambault, A Bruneau, A Derry, SW Kembel, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 14 (2), 221-232, 2014
Phylogeny and biogeography of wild roses with specific attention to polyploids
M Fougère-Danezan, S Joly, A Bruneau, XF Gao, LB Zhang
Annals of Botany 115 (2), 275-291, 2015
Population genetic consequences of extreme variation in sexual and clonal reproduction in an aquatic plant
CG Eckert, K Lui, K Bronson, P Corradini, A Bruneau
Molecular Ecology 12 (2), 331-344, 2003
Phylogenetic relationships in caesalpinioid legumes: a preliminary analysis based on morphological and molecular data
PS Herendeen
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The genus Bauhinia s.l. (Leguminosae): a phylogeny based on the plastid trnL–trnF region
C Sinou, F Forest, GP Lewis, A Bruneau
Botany 87 (10), 947-960, 2009
A new generic system for the pantropical Caesalpinia group (Leguminosae)
E Gagnon, A Bruneau, CE Hughes, LP de Queiroz, GP Lewis
PhytoKeys, 1, 2016
A chloroplast DNA inversion as a subtribal character in the Phaseoleae (Leguminosae)
A Bruneau, JJ Doyle, JD Palmer
Systematic Botany, 378-386, 1990
Exploration of plastid phylogenomic conflict yields new insights into the deep relationships of Leguminosae
R Zhang, YH Wang, JJ Jin, GW Stull, A Bruneau, D Cardoso, ...
Systematic Biology 69 (4), 613-622, 2020
Phylogenetic relationships in Phaseoleae: evidence from chloroplast DNA restriction site characters
A Bruneau, JJ Doyle, JL Doyle
Advances in legume systematics 7, 309-330, 1995
Large‐scale genomic sequence data resolve the deepest divergences in the legume phylogeny and support a near‐simultaneous evolutionary origin of all six subfamilies
EJM Koenen, DI Ojeda, R Steeves, J Migliore, FT Bakker, JJ Wieringa, ...
New Phytologist 225 (3), 1355-1369, 2020
Relationships among the basal genera of mimosoid legumes
M Luckow, PJ White, A Bruneau
Advances in legume systematics 9, 165-180, 2000
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