Ivan Brihuega
Ivan Brihuega
Professor of Condensed Matter Physics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
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Missing atom as a source of carbon magnetism
MM Ugeda, I Brihuega, F Guinea, JM Gómez-Rodríguez
Physical Review Letters 104 (9), 096804, 2010
Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism by using hydrogen atoms
H González-Herrero, JM Gómez-Rodríguez, P Mallet, M Moaied, ...
Science 352 (6284), 437-441, 2016
Unraveling the intrinsic and robust nature of van Hove singularities in twisted bilayer graphene by scanning tunneling microscopy and theoretical analysis
I Brihuega, P Mallet, H González-Herrero, GT De Laissardière, MM Ugeda, ...
Physical review letters 109 (19), 196802, 2012
Point defects on graphene on metals
MM Ugeda, D Fernández-Torre, I Brihuega, P Pou, AJ Martínez-Galera, ...
Physical review letters 107 (11), 116803, 2011
Quasiparticle chirality in epitaxial graphene probed at the nanometer scale
I Brihuega, P Mallet, C Bena, S Bose, C Michaelis, L Vitali, F Varchon, ...
Physical review letters 101 (20), 206802, 2008
Electronic and structural characterization of divacancies in irradiated graphene
MM Ugeda, I Brihuega, F Hiebel, P Mallet, JY Veuillen, ...
Physical Review B 85 (12), 121402, 2012
Observation of shell effects in superconducting nanoparticles of Sn
S Bose, AM García-García, MM Ugeda, JD Urbina, CH Michaelis, ...
Nature materials 9 (7), 550-554, 2010
Role of pseudospin in quasiparticle interferences in epitaxial graphene probed by high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy
P Mallet, I Brihuega, S Bose, MM Ugeda, JM Gomez-Rodriguez, K Kern, ...
Physical Review B 86 (4), 045444, 2012
Single adatom adsorption and diffusion on surfaces: Scanning tunneling microscopy and first-principles calculations
O Custance, S Brochard, I Brihuega, E Artacho, JM Soler, AM Baró, ...
Physical Review B 67 (23), 235410, 2003
Measuring the Berry phase of graphene from wavefront dislocations in Friedel oscillations
C Dutreix, H González-Herrero, I Brihuega, MI Katsnelson, C Chapelier, ...
Nature 574 (7777), 219-222, 2019
Ethylene irradiation: a new route to grow graphene on low reactivity metals
AJ Martínez-Galera, I Brihuega, JM Gómez-Rodríguez
Nano letters 11 (9), 3576-3580, 2011
Image potential states as a quantum probe of graphene interfaces
S Bose, VM Silkin, R Ohmann, I Brihuega, L Vitali, CH Michaelis, P Mallet, ...
New Journal of Physics 12 (2), 023028, 2010
Electronic decoupling and templating of Co nanocluster arrays on the boron nitride nanomesh
I Brihuega, CH Michaelis, J Zhang, S Bose, V Sessi, J Honolka, ...
Surface Science 602 (14), L95-L99, 2008
Intrinsic Character of the (3× 3) to (3× 3) Phase Transition in P b/S i (111)
I Brihuega, O Custance, R Pérez, JM Gómez-Rodríguez
Physical review letters 94 (4), 046101, 2005
Tip and surface determination from experiments and simulations of scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy
Ó Paz, I Brihuega, JM Gómez-Rodríguez, JM Soler
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0411259, 2004
Experimental observation of thermal fluctuations in single superconducting Pb nanoparticles through tunneling measurements
I Brihuega, AM García-García, P Ribeiro, MM Ugeda, CH Michaelis, ...
Physical Review B 84 (10), 104525, 2011
Spatial modulation of the Dirac gap in epitaxial graphene
L Vitali, C Riedl, R Ohmann, I Brihuega, U Starke, K Kern
Surface Science 602 (22), L127-L130, 2008
Initial stages of Sn adsorption on Si (1 1 1)-(7× 7)
O Custance, I Brihuega, JM Gómez-Rodrıguez, AM Baró
Surface science 482, 1406-1412, 2001
Ordered layers of Co clusters on BN template layers
J Zhang, V Sessi, CH Michaelis, I Brihuega, J Honolka, K Kern, R Skomski, ...
Physical Review B 78 (16), 165430, 2008
Ab initio calculations and scanning tunneling microscopy experiments of the Si (111)−(7× 3)− Pb surface
S Brochard, E Artacho, O Custance, I Brihuega, AM Baró, JM Soler, ...
Physical Review B 66 (20), 205403, 2002
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