Ana Carolina Coan
Ana Carolina Coan
Neuroimaging Laboratory, Universidade de Campinas
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Potential clinical benefits of CBD-rich cannabis extracts over purified CBD in treatment-resistant epilepsy: observational data meta-analysis
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Neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer's disease are related to functional connectivity alterations in the salience network
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3T MRI quantification of hippocampal volume and signal in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy improves detection of hippocampal sclerosis
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Patterns of hippocampal abnormalities in malformations of cortical development
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Epilepsy as progressive disorders: what is the evidence that can guide our clinical decisions and how can neuroimaging help?
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Delineating behavioral and cognitive phenotypes in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: are we missing the forest for the trees?
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EEG na prática clínica
MA Montenegro, F Cendes, MM Guerreiro, CAM Guerreiro
Thieme Revinter Publicações LTDA, 2018
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