Devon Dunmire
Devon Dunmire
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Observations of buried lake drainage on the Antarctic Ice Sheet
D Dunmire, JTM Lenaerts, AF Banwell, N Wever, J Shragge, S Lhermitte, ...
Geophysical research letters 47 (15), e2020GL087970, 2020
Two decades of dynamic change and progressive destabilization on the Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf
KE Alley, CT Wild, A Luckman, TA Scambos, M Truffer, EC Pettit, A Muto, ...
The Cryosphere 15 (11), 5187-5203, 2021
Contrasting regional variability of buried meltwater extent over 2 years across the Greenland Ice Sheet
D Dunmire, AF Banwell, N Wever, J Lenaerts, RT Datta
The Cryosphere 15 (6), 2983-3005, 2021
Antarctic surface climate and surface mass balance in the Community Earth System Model version 2 during the satellite era and into the future (1979–2100)
D Dunmire, J Lenaerts, RT Datta, T Gorte
The Cryosphere 16 (10), 4163-4184, 2022
Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
KR Clem, S Adusumilli, R Baiman, AF Banwell, S Barreira, RL Beadling, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 104 (9), S322-S365, 2023
Quantifying Antarctic‐wide ice‐shelf surface melt volume using microwave and firn model data: 1980 to 2021
AF Banwell, N Wever, D Dunmire, G Picard
Geophysical Research Letters 50 (12), e2023GL102744, 2023
Firn on ice sheets
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 1-21, 2024
Atmospheric circulation and surface observations [in" State of the Climate in 2021"]
KR Clem, MN Raphael, S Adusumilli, R Baiman, AF Banwell, S Barreira, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 103 (8), S307-S340, 2022
The fate of Greenland Ice Sheet supraglacial lakes in a warm and cool year
A Subramanian, D Dunmire, E Hossein, MO Gani, A Banwell, B Myers
EGU24, 2024
Relative contribution of high-resolution Sentinel-1 data assimilation and modeling choices to improve regional water budget estimates
G De Lannoy, L Busschaert, S Modanesi, D Dunmire, I Brangers, ...
EGU24, 2024
Evaluating Sentinel-1 volume scattering based snow depth retrievals over NASA SnowEx sites
Z Hoppinen, J Tarricone, AM Gagliano, N Adebisi, R Bonnell10, ...
EGU24, 2024
Antarctic-wide ice-shelf firn emulation reveals robust future firn air depletion signal for the Antarctic Peninsula
D Dunmire, N Wever, AF Banwell, JTM Lenaerts
Communications Earth & Environment 5 (1), 100, 2024
Report on the 2023 Polar Postdoc Leadership Workshop hosted by the Polar Science Early Career Community Office
EL Doting, D Dunmire
The Polar Journal, 1-3, 2024
Firn on ice sheets
C Amory, C Buizert, S Buzzard, E Case, N Clerx, R Culberg, RT Datta, ...
Nature Reviews Earth and Environment 5 (2), 79-99, 2024
Tower-based C-band radar measurements of an alpine snowpack
I Brangers, HP Marshall, G De Lannoy, D Dunmire, C Matzler, H Lievens
EGUsphere 2023, 1-25, 2023
Extreme precipitation-driven four-decade high in Antarctic Ice Sheet surface mass balance
LD Trusel, R Datta, R Baiman, D Bozkurt, K Clem, DR Dunmire, J Kromer, ...
AGU23, 2023
Fluctuations in Grounding Zone Resistive Stresses of the Dotson and Crosson Ice Shelves Over the Past 5 Decades
SF Child, TA Scambos, R McNabb, KE Alley, DR Dunmire
AGU23, 2023
Future (2015-2100) Antarctic-wide ice-shelf firn air depletion from a statistical firn emulator
D Dunmire, N Wever, A Banwell, J Lenaerts
EarthArXiv, 2023
Evaluating the impact of enhanced horizontal resolution over the Antarctic domain using a variable-resolution Earth system model
RT Datta, A Herrington, JTM Lenaerts, DP Schneider, L Trusel, Z Yin, ...
The Cryosphere 17 (9), 3847-3866, 2023
More snow than ever observed: Assessing the four-decade high in Antarctic Ice Sheet surface mass balance in 2022
L Trusel, R Datta, R Baiman, D Bozkurt, K Clem, D Dunmire, J Kromer, ...
XXVIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics …, 2023
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