Jelle Boonekamp
Jelle Boonekamp
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Nestling telomere shortening, but not telomere length, reflects developmental stress and predicts survival in wild birds
JJ Boonekamp, GA Mulder, HM Salomons, C Dijkstra, S Verhulst
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1785), 20133287, 2014
Telomere length behaves as biomarker of somatic redundancy rather than biological age
JJ Boonekamp, MJP Simons, L Hemerik, S Verhulst
Aging cell 12 (2), 330-332, 2013
The relationship between telomere length and mortality risk in non-model vertebrate systems: a meta-analysis
RV Wilbourn, JP Moatt, H Froy, CA Walling, DH Nussey, JJ Boonekamp
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
Immune activation suppresses plasma testosterone level: a meta-analysis
JJ Boonekamp, AHF Ros, S Verhulst
Biology Letters 4 (6), 741-744, 2008
Reproductive effort accelerates actuarial senescence in wild birds: an experimental study
JJ Boonekamp, M Salomons, S Bouwhuis, C Dijkstra, S Verhulst
Ecology letters 17 (5), 599-605, 2014
Does oxidative stress shorten telomeres?
JJ Boonekamp, C Bauch, E Mulder, S Verhulst
Biology Letters 13 (5), 20170164, 2017
The nutritional and hedonic value of food modulate sexual receptivity in Drosophila melanogaster females
JA Gorter, S Jagadeesh, C Gahr, JJ Boonekamp, JD Levine, JC Billeter
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Food availability affects adult survival trajectories depending on early developmental conditions
M Briga, E Koetsier, JJ Boonekamp, B Jimeno, S Verhulst
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1846), 20162287, 2017
Epigenetic inheritance of telomere length in wild birds
C Bauch, JJ Boonekamp, P Korsten, E Mulder, S Verhulst
PLoS Genetics 15 (2), e1007827, 2019
Social life histories: jackdaw dominance increases with age, terminally declines and shortens lifespan
S Verhulst, M Geerdink, HM Salomons, JJ Boonekamp
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1791), 20141045, 2014
Canalisation in the wild: effects of developmental conditions on physiological traits are inversely linked to their association with fitness
JJ Boonekamp, E Mulder, S Verhulst
Ecology Letters 21 (6), 857-864, 2018
Change in body mass can overrule the effects of maternal testosterone on primary offspring sex ratio of first eggs in homing pigeons
VC Goerlich, C Dijkstra, JJ Boonekamp, TGG Groothuis
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 83 (3), 490-500, 2010
Testing the effect of early‐life reproductive effort on age‐related decline in a wild insect
R Rodríguez‐Muñoz, JJ Boonekamp, XP Liu, I Skicko, DN Fisher, ...
Evolution 73 (2), 317-328, 2019
Comparing individual and population measures of senescence across 10 years in a wild insect population
R Rodríguez‐Muñoz, JJ Boonekamp, XP Liu, I Skicko, ...
Evolution 73 (2), 293-302, 2019
Canalization of development reduces the utility of traits as fitness biomarkers: feather fault bars in nestling birds
JJ Boonekamp, R Dijkstra, C Dijkstra, S Verhulst
Functional Ecology 31 (3), 719-727, 2017
Experimentally increased brood size accelerates actuarial senescence and increases subsequent reproductive effort in a wild bird population
JJ Boonekamp, C Bauch, S Verhulst
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (6), 1395-1407, 2020
Costs of long-term carrying of extra mass in a songbird
E Atema, AJ van Noordwijk, JJ Boonekamp, S Verhulst
Behavioral Ecology 27 (4), 1087-1096, 2016
Telomere length is highly heritable and independent of growth rate manipulated by temperature in field crickets
J Boonekamp, R Rodríguez‐Muñoz, P Hopwood, E Zuidersma, E Mulder, ...
Molecular Ecology, 2021
Slower senescence in a wild insect population in years with a more female-biased sex ratio
R Rodríguez-Muñoz, JJ Boonekamp, D Fisher, P Hopwood, T Tregenza
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1900), 20190286, 2019
The heuristic value of redundancy models of aging
JJ Boonekamp, M Briga, S Verhulst
Experimental gerontology 71, 95-102, 2015
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