Martin Yan Hei Li
Martin Yan Hei Li
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Nature of parent rocks, mineralization styles and ore genesis of regolith-hosted REE deposits in South China: An integrated genetic model
YHM Li, WW Zhao, MF Zhou
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Scandium: ore deposits, the pivotal role of magmatic enrichment and future exploration
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周美夫, 李欣禧, 王振朝, 李晓春, 刘嘉成
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MYH Li, MF Zhou
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Magmatic fluids responsible for lode gold mineralization in the giant Linglong deposit at Jiaodong, North China Craton: Constraints from LiO isotopes
SR Zhao, ZK Li, ZW Lin, JF Gao, HS Sun, MYH Li, XF Zhao
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Hyper-enrichment of heavy rare earth element in highly evolved granites through multiple hydrothermal mobilization
MYH Li, MF Zhou
American Mineralogist, 2024
Origin of the regolith-hosted HREE deposits in South China
Y Li
HKU Theses Online (HKUTO), 2019
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