R. J. Irvine
R. J. Irvine
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The role of parasites in the dynamics of a reindeer population
SD Albon, A Stien, RJ Irvine, R Langvatn, E Ropstad, O Halvorsen
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2002
The impact of gastrointestinal nematodes on wild reindeer: Experimental and cross‐sectional studies
A Stien, RJ Irvine, E Ropstad, O Halvorsen, R Langvatn, SD Albon
Journal of Animal Ecology 71 (6), 937-945, 2002
Genetic diversity in caribou linked to past and future climate change
G Yannic, L Pellissier, J Ortego, N Lecomte, S Couturier, C Cuyler, ...
Nature Climate Change 4 (2), 132-137, 2014
Testosterone, immunocompetence, and honest sexual signaling in male red grouse
F Mougeot, JR Irvine, L Seivwright, SM Redpath, S Piertney
Behavioral Ecology 15 (6), 930-937, 2004
Don't forget to look down–collaborative approaches to predator conservation
SM Redpath, JDC Linnell, M Festa‐Bianchet, L Boitani, N Bunnefeld, ...
Biological Reviews 92 (4), 2157-2163, 2017
Contrasting effects of summer and winter warming on body mass explain population dynamics in a food‐limited Arctic herbivore
SD Albon, RJ Irvine, O Halvorsen, R Langvatn, LE Loe, E Ropstad, ...
Global change biology 23 (4), 1374-1389, 2017
Limitations of recreational camera traps for wildlife management and conservation research: A practitioner’s perspective
S Newey, P Davidson, S Nazir, G Fairhurst, F Verdicchio, RJ Irvine, ...
Ambio 44, 624-635, 2015
Congruent responses to weather variability in high arctic herbivores
A Stien, RA Ims, SD Albon, E Fuglei, RJ Irvine, E Ropstad, O Halvorsen, ...
Biology letters 8 (6), 1002-1005, 2012
Subclinical parasitism and ruminant foraging strategies: a review
A Gunn, RJ Irvine
Wildlife Society Bulletin, 117-126, 2003
Activity pattern of arctic reindeer in a predator-free environment: no need to keep a daily rhythm
LE Loe, C Bonenfant, A Mysterud, T Severinsen, NA Øritsland, ...
Oecologia 152, 617-624, 2007
Faecal avoidance and the risk of infection by nematodes in a natural population of reindeer
R Van der Wal, J Irvine, A Stien, N Shepherd, SD Albon
Oecologia 124, 19-25, 2000
Microsatellite DNA evidence for genetic drift and philopatry in Svalbard reindeer
SD Côté, JF Dallas, F Marshall, RJ Irvine, R Langvatn, SD Albon
Molecular Ecology 11 (10), 1923-1930, 2002
Blood mineral status of grazing Tibetan sheep in the Northeast of the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau
GS Xin, RJ Long, XS Guo, J Irvine, LM Ding, LL Ding, ZH Shang
Livestock Science 136 (2-3), 102-107, 2011
Testing five hypotheses of sexual segregation in an arctic ungulate
LE Loe, RJ Irvine, C Bonenfant, A Stien, R Langvatn, SD Albon, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 75 (2), 485-496, 2006
The need to disentangle key concepts from ecosystem‐approach jargon
KA Waylen, EJ Hastings, EA Banks, KL Holstead, RJ Irvine, KL Blackstock
Conservation Biology 28 (5), 1215-1224, 2014
Low-level parasitic worm burdens may reduce body condition in free-ranging red deer (Cervus elaphus)
RJ Irvine, H Corbishley, JG Pilkington, SD Albon
Parasitology 133 (4), 465-475, 2006
Is there a cost of parasites to caribou?
J Hughes, SD Albon, RJ Irvine, S Woodin
Parasitology 136 (2), 253-265, 2009
Life-history strategies and population dynamics of abomasal nematodes in Svalbard reindeer (Rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus)
RJ Irvine, A Stien, O Halvorsen, R Langvatn, SD Albon
Parasitology 120 (3), 297-311, 2000
More frequent extreme climate events stabilize reindeer population dynamics
BB Hansen, M Gamelon, SD Albon, AM Lee, A Stien, RJ Irvine, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 1616, 2019
Does nature conservation enhance ecosystem services delivery?
A Eastwood, R Brooker, RJ Irvine, RRE Artz, LR Norton, JM Bullock, ...
Ecosystem Services 17, 152-162, 2016
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