Anthony K.L. Leung
Anthony K.L. Leung
Professor, Johns Hopkins University
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Nucleolar proteome dynamics
JS Andersen, YW Lam, AKL Leung, SE Ong, CE Lyon, AI Lamond, ...
Nature 433 (7021), 77-83, 2005
Directed proteomic analysis of the human nucleolus
JS Andersen, CE Lyon, AH Fox, AKL Leung, YW Lam, H Steen, M Mann, ...
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MicroRNA functions in stress responses
AKL Leung, PA Sharp
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Paraspeckles:: A Novel Nuclear Domain
AH Fox, YW Lam, AKL Leung, CE Lyon, J Andersen, M Mann, AI Lamond
Current biology 12 (1), 13-25, 2002
Quantitative analysis of Argonaute protein reveals microRNA-dependent localization to stress granules
AKL Leung, JM Calabrese, PA Sharp
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (48), 18125-18130, 2006
Poly (ADP-ribose) regulates stress responses and microRNA activity in the cytoplasm
AKL Leung, S Vyas, JE Rood, A Bhutkar, PA Sharp, P Chang
Molecular cell 42 (4), 489-499, 2011
Genome-wide identification of Ago2 binding sites from mouse embryonic stem cells with and without mature microRNAs
AKL Leung, AG Young, A Bhutkar, GX Zheng, AD Bosson, CB Nielsen, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (2), 237-244, 2011
microRNAs: a safeguard against turmoil?
AKL Leung, PA Sharp
Cell 130 (4), 581-585, 2007
Condensed mitotic chromatin is accessible to transcription factors and chromatin structural proteins
D Chen, M Dundr, C Wang, A Leung, A Lamond, T Misteli, S Huang
The Journal of cell biology 168 (1), 41-54, 2005
The promise of proteomics for the study of ADP-ribosylation
CM Daniels, SE Ong, AKL Leung
Molecular cell 58 (6), 911-924, 2015
Quantitative kinetic analysis of nucleolar breakdown and reassembly during mitosis in live human cells
AKL Leung, D Gerlich, G Miller, C Lyon, YW Lam, D Lleres, N Daigle, ...
The Journal of cell biology 166 (6), 787-800, 2004
Bioinformatic analysis of the nucleolus
AKL Leung, JS Andersen, M Mann, AI Lamond
Biochemical Journal 376 (3), 553-569, 2003
Poly (ADP-ribose): an organizer of cellular architecture
AKL Leung
Journal of Cell Biology 205 (5), 613-619, 2014
The whereabouts of microRNA actions: cytoplasm and beyond
AKL Leung
Trends in cell biology 25 (10), 601-610, 2015
Dynamic regulation of RNA editing in human brain development and disease
T Hwang, CK Park, AKL Leung, Y Gao, TM Hyde, JE Kleinman, ...
Nature neuroscience 19 (8), 1093-1099, 2016
ADP-ribosylhydrolase activity of Chikungunya virus macrodomain is critical for virus replication and virulence
RL McPherson, R Abraham, E Sreekumar, SE Ong, SJ Cheng, VK Baxter, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (7), 1666-1671, 2017
NOPdb: nucleolar proteome database
AKL Leung, L Trinkle-Mulcahy, YW Lam, JS Andersen, M Mann, ...
Nucleic acids research 34 (suppl_1), D218-D220, 2006
CircRNAs: a regulator of cellular stress
JW Fischer, AKL Leung
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 52 (2), 220-233, 2017
Phosphoproteomic approach to characterize protein mono-and poly (ADP-ribosyl) ation sites from cells
CM Daniels, SE Ong, AKL Leung
Journal of proteome research 13 (8), 3510-3522, 2014
Mechanism of N-acetylgalactosamine binding to a C-type animal lectin carbohydrate-recognition domain
AR Kolatkar, AK Leung, R Isecke, R Brossmer, K Drickamer, WI Weis
Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (31), 19502-19508, 1998
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