Warren Raymond Lee CAIRNS
Warren Raymond Lee CAIRNS
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Atomic spectrometry update. Environmental analysis
OT Butler, JM Cook, CF Harrington, SJ Hill, J Rieuwerts, DL Miles
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Active silver nanoparticles for wound healing
C Rigo, L Ferroni, I Tocco, M Roman, I Munivrana, C Gardin, WRL Cairns, ...
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Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice
P Gabrielli, C Barbante, JMC Plane, A Varga, S Hong, G Cozzi, V Gaspari, ...
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The direct influence of ship traffic on atmospheric PM2. 5, PM10 and PAH in Venice
D Contini, A Gambaro, F Belosi, S De Pieri, WRL Cairns, A Donateo, ...
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Silver nanoparticles and mitochondrial interaction
E Bressan, L Ferroni, C Gardin, C Rigo, M Stocchero, V Vindigni, ...
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Atomic spectrometry update–a review of advances in environmental analysis
OT Butler, WRL Cairns, JM Cook, CM Davidson
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 32 (1), 11-57, 2017
An evaluation of the PM2. 5 trace elemental composition in the Venice Lagoon area and an analysis of the possible sources
AM Stortini, A Freda, D Cesari, WRL Cairns, D Contini, C Barbante, ...
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Speciation analysis of mercury in seawater from the lagoon of Venice by on-line pre-concentration HPLC–ICP-MS
WRL Cairns, M Ranaldo, R Hennebelle, C Turetta, G Capodaglio, ...
analytica chimica acta 622 (1-2), 62-69, 2008
A high performance liquid chromatography–inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry interface employing desolvation for speciation studies of platinum in chemotherapy drugs
WRL Cairns, L Ebdon, SJ Hill
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 355 (3), 202-208, 1996
Characterization and evaluation of silver release from four different dressings used in burns care
C Rigo, M Roman, I Munivrana, V Vindigni, B Azzena, C Barbante, ...
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Atmospheric mercury depletion event study in Ny-Alesund (Svalbard) in spring 2005. Deposition and transformation of Hg in surface snow during springtime
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Polar firn air reveals large-scale impact of anthropogenic mercury emissions during the 1970s
X Faïn, CP Ferrari, A Dommergue, MR Albert, M Battle, J Severinghaus, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (38), 16114-16119, 2009
Direct determination of rare earth elements at the subpicogram per gram level in antarctic ice by ICP-SFMS using a desolvation system
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Mercury in the snow and firn at Summit Station, Central Greenland, and implications for the study of past atmospheric mercury levels
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Free amino acids in Antarctic aerosol: potential markers for the evolution and fate of marine aerosol
E Barbaro, R Zangrando, M Vecchiato, R Piazza, WRL Cairns, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (10), 5457-5469, 2015
Development of an ombrotrophic peat bog (low ash) reference material for the determination of elemental concentrations
C Yafa, JG Farmer, MC Graham, JR Bacon, C Barbante, WRL Cairns, ...
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 6 (5), 493-501, 2004
Hydrodynamic chromatography coupled to single-particle ICP-MS for the simultaneous characterization of AgNPs and determination of dissolved Ag in plasma and blood of burn patients
M Roman, C Rigo, H Castillo-Michel, I Munivrana, V Vindigni, I Mičetić, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 408 (19), 5109-5124, 2016
Speciation analysis of selenoproteins in human serum by solid-phase extraction and affinity HPLC hyphenated to ICP-quadrupole MS
P Jitaru, M Prete, G Cozzi, C Turetta, W Cairns, R Seraglia, P Traldi, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 23 (3), 402-406, 2008
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