Luis Fermin Capitan-Vallvey
Luis Fermin Capitan-Vallvey
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Smartphone-based simultaneous pH and nitrite colorimetric determination for paper microfluidic devices
N Lopez-Ruiz, VF Curto, MM Erenas, F Benito-Lopez, D Diamond, ...
Analytical chemistry 86 (19), 9554-9562, 2014
Recent developments in computer vision-based analytical chemistry: A tutorial review
LF Capitán-Vallvey, N Lopez-Ruiz, A Martinez-Olmos, MM Erenas, ...
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Carbon dots for copper detection with down and upconversion fluorescent properties as excitation sources
A Salinas-Castillo, M Ariza-Avidad, C Pritz, M Camprubí-Robles, ...
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Use of the hue parameter of the hue, saturation, value color space as a quantitative analytical parameter for bitonal optical sensors
K Cantrell, MM Erenas, I de Orbe-Payá, LF Capitán-Vallvey
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Mobile phone platform as portable chemical analyzer
A García, MM Erenas, ED Marinetto, CA Abad, I de Orbe-Paya, AJ Palma, ...
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Recent developments in handheld and portable optosensing—A review
LF Capitán-Vallvey, AJ Palma
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Using the mobile phone as Munsell soil-colour sensor: An experiment under controlled illumination conditions
L Gómez-Robledo, N López-Ruiz, M Melgosa, AJ Palma, ...
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Properties and printability of inkjet and screen-printed silver patterns for RFID antennas
JF Salmerón, F Molina-Lopez, D Briand, JJ Ruan, A Rivadeneyra, ...
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Determination of hypochlorite in water using a chemiluminescent test strip
JB Claver, MCV Mirón, LF Capitán-Vallvey
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Convenient methods for the synthesis of ferrocene− carbohydrate conjugates
JM Casas-Solvas, A Vargas-Berenguel, LF Capitán-Vallvey, ...
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Design and characterization of a low thermal drift capacitive humidity sensor by inkjet-printing
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernández-Salmerón, M Agudo, JA López-Villanueva, ...
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Simultaneous determination of antioxidants, preservatives and sweetener additives in food and cosmetics by flow injection analysis coupled to a monolithic column
JF García-Jiménez, MC Valencia, LF Capitán-Vallvey
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Flexible passive near field communication tag for multigas sensing
P Escobedo, MM Erenas, N Lopez-Ruiz, MA Carvajal, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (3), 1697-1703, 2017
Fast prototyping of paper-based microfluidic devices by contact stamping using indelible ink
VF Curto, N Lopez-Ruiz, LF Capitan-Vallvey, AJ Palma, F Benito-Lopez, ...
RSC advances 3 (41), 18811-18816, 2013
A novel electrode structure compared with interdigitated electrodes as capacitive sensor
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernández-Salmerón, J Banqueri, JA López-Villanueva, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 204, 552-560, 2014
A general perspective of the characterization and quantification of nanoparticles: imaging, spectroscopic, and separation techniques
A Lapresta-Fernández, A Salinas-Castillo, S Anderson De La Llana, ...
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Disposable electrochemiluminescent biosensor for lactate determination in saliva
JB Claver, MCV Mirón, LF Capitán-Vallvey
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Screen printed flexible radiofrequency identification tag for oxygen monitoring
A Martínez-Olmos, J Fernández-Salmerón, N Lopez-Ruiz, ...
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Microfluidic paper-based device for colorimetric determination of glucose based on a metal-organic framework acting as peroxidase mimetic
I Ortiz-Gómez, A Salinas-Castillo, AG García, JA Álvarez-Bermejo, ...
Microchimica Acta 185, 1-8, 2018
Passive UHF RFID tag with multiple sensing capabilities
J Fernández-Salmerón, A Rivadeneyra, F Martínez-Martí, ...
Sensors 15 (10), 26769-26782, 2015
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