Thorsten Koslowski
Thorsten Koslowski
Professor der Chemie, Universität Freiburg
Потвърден имейл адрес: uni-freiburg.de
Generalized Vicsek fractals: Regular hyperbranched polymers
A Blumen, C von Ferber, A Jurjiu, T Koslowski
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A Blumen, A Jurjiu, T Koslowski, C von Ferber
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C Wittekindt, M Schwarz, T Friedrich, T Koslowski
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Size matters! On the way to ionic liquid systems without ion pairing
A Rupp, N Roznyatovskaya, H Scherer, W Beichel, P Klose, C Sturm, ...
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T Koslowski, W Von Niessen
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DNA Charge transfer: an atomistic model
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Dynamics of deterministic fractal polymer networks: Hydrodynamic interactions and the absence of scaling
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Variational approach to charge transfer reactions in bridged triarylamine cations
N Utz, T Koslowski
Chemical Physics 282 (3), 389-397, 2002
Numerical study of the electronic structure of amorphous silica
T Koslowski, W Kob, K Vollmayr
Physical Review B 56 (15), 9469, 1997
DNA charge transfer in an external field: an atomistic approach
T Cramer, S Krapf, T Koslowski
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The active conformation of avilamycin A is conferred by AviX12, a radical AdoMet enzyme
R Boll, C Hofmann, B Heitmann, G Hauser, S Glaser, T Koslowski, ...
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Dynamics and scaling of polymer networks: Vicsek fractals and hydrodynamic interactions
A Jurjiu, T Koslowski, C von Ferber, A Blumen
Chemical physics 294 (2), 187-199, 2003
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