Mohammad Zahidul Hasan Bhuiyan
Mohammad Zahidul Hasan Bhuiyan
Research Professor
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Robustness, security and privacy in location-based services for future IoT: A survey
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GNSS threat monitoring and reporting: Past, present, and a proposed future
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Advanced Multipath Mitigation Techniques for Satellite-Based Positioning Applications.
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Position, navigation, and timing (PNT) through low earth orbit (LEO) satellites: A survey on current status, challenges, and opportunities
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A Two-dimensional Pedestrian Navigation Solution Aided with a Visual Gyroscope and a Visual Odometer
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GNSS jammers: How vulnerable are consumer grade satellite navigation receivers?
H Kuusniemi, E Airos, MZH Bhuiyan, T Kröger
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Overcoming the Challenges of BeiDou Receiver Implementation
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Multipath Mitigation Techniques for Satellite-Based Positioning Applications
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Utilizing pulsed pseudolites and high-sensitivity GNSS for ubiquitous outdoor/indoor satellite navigation
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Implementation of a software-defined BeiDou receiver
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Performance Evaluation of Carrier-to-Noise density ratio (C/N0) Estimation Techniques for BeiDou B1 Signal
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Analysis of Multipath Mitigation Techniques with Land Mobile Satellite Channel Model
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Effects of GNSS Jammers on Consumer Grade Satellite Navigation Receivers
H Kuusniemi, E Airos, MZH Bhuiyan, T Kröger
European Navigation Conference, 13 pages, 2012
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