Sebastian Gomez Talquenca
Sebastian Gomez Talquenca
Investigador INTA
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ABA and GA3 increase carbon allocation in different organs of grapevine plants by inducing accumulation of non‐structural carbohydrates in leaves, enhancement …
G Murcia, M Pontin, H Reinoso, R Baraldi, G Bertazza, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 156 (3), 323-337, 2016
Relationships among gene expression and anthocyanin composition of Malbec grapevine clones
C Muñoz, S Gomez-Talquenca, C Chialva, J Ibáñez, JM Martinez-Zapater, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 62 (28), 6716-6725, 2014
First Report on the Occurrence of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 7 and 9 in Chilean Grapevines
EA Engel, P Escobar, C Montt, S Gómez-Talquenca, PDT Valenzuela
Plant Disease 92 (8), 1252-1252, 2008
Grapevine virus L: a novel vitivirus in grapevine
H Debat, D Zavallo, RS Brisbane, D Vončina, RPP Almeida, AG Blouin, ...
European Journal of Plant Pathology 155, 319-328, 2019
First report of grapevine red blotch virus infecting grapevine in Argentina
F Luna, H Debat, S Moyano, D Zavallo, S Asurmendi, ...
Journal of Plant Pathology 101, 1239-1239, 2019
Tetra primer ARMS-PCR for identification of SNP in β-tubulin of Botrytis cinerea, responsible of resistance to benzimidazole
C Muñoz, SG Talquenca, ML Volpe
Journal of microbiological methods 78 (2), 245-246, 2009
Genetic characterization of grapevine-infecting Botrytis cinerea isolates from Argentina
C Muñoz, SG Talquenca, E Oriolani, M Combina
Revista Iberoamericana de Micología 27 (2), 66-70, 2010
Expression of grapevine AINTEGUMENTA-like genes is associated with variation in ovary and berry size
C Chialva, E Eichler, C Grissi, C Muñoz, S Gomez-Talquenca, ...
Plant molecular biology 91, 67-80, 2016
Incidence of Grapevine leafroll associated viruses-1,-2, and-3 in Mendoza vineyards
ML Volpe, SG Talquenca, EA Engel, O Gracia
Tropical Plant Pathology 35, 377-380, 2010
First description of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 5 in Argentina and partial genome sequence
S Gómez Talquenca, C Muñoz, O Grau, O Gracia
Virus Genes 38, 184-186, 2009
A survey for Closteroviridae family members in Argentinean vineyards
GS Gómez Talquenca, O Gracia, SG Garcia Lampasona, O Grau
Extended Abstracts of the 14th Meeting of ICVG, Locorotondo, Italy 43, 2003
Vineyard environments influence Malbec grapevine phenotypic traits and DNA methylation patterns in a clone-dependent way
A Varela, VN Ibañez, R Alonso, D Zavallo, S Asurmendi, ...
Plant Cell Reports 40, 111-125, 2021
First report of grapevine Pinot gris virus infecting grapevine in Argentina
H Debat, F Luna, S Moyano, D Zavallo, S Asurmendi, ...
Journal of Plant Pathology 102, 1321-1321, 2020
In vitro plants of Vitis vinifera respond to infection with the fungus Phaeoacremonium parasiticum by synthesizing the phytoalexin nerolidol
G Escoriaza, S García Lampasona, S Gomez Talquenca, P Piccoli
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 138, 459-466, 2019
A young grafted vine decline syndrome in Argentina vineyards
S Gómez Talquenca, O Gracia, SC García Lampasona, O Grau
14th Meeting of the international council for the study of virus and virus …, 2003
Genetic and transcription profile analysis of tissue-specific anthocyanin pigmentation in carrot root phloem
F Bannoud, S Carvajal, S Ellison, D Senalik, S Gomez Talquenca, ...
Genes 12 (10), 1464, 2021
Incidence of grapevine leafroll associated viruses-1,-2, and-3 in mendoza vineyards
M Lanza Volpe, G Gomez Talquenca, EA Engel, O Gracia
Whole genome resequencing and custom genotyping unveil clonal lineages in ‘Malbec’ grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.)
L Calderón, N Mauri, C Muñoz, P Carbonell-Bejerano, L Bree, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 7775, 2021
First report of grapevine virus E infecting grapevine in Argentina
H Debat, D Zavallo, F Luna, S Moyano, S Asurmendi, ...
Journal of Plant Pathology 101, 1221-1222, 2019
Partial molecular and biological characterization of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 2 isolates from Argentina
ML Volpe, S Moyano, D Lijavetzky, SG Talquenca
Journal of Plant Pathology 97 (2), 349-355, 2015
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