Kellie Pendoley
Kellie Pendoley
Principle Scientist, Pendoley Environmental
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Global analysis of satellite tracking data shows that adult green turtles are significantly aggregated in Marine Protected Areas
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On the front line: integrated habitat mapping for olive ridley sea turtles in the southeast A tlantic
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Hydrocarbons in Rowley Shelf (western Australia) oysters and sediments
K Pendoley
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KL Pendoley
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Artificial light disrupts the nearshore dispersal of neonate flatback turtles Natator depressus
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Browsing of mangroves by green turtles in Western Australia
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Phylogeography, genetic stocks, and conservation implications for an Australian endemic marine turtle
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High predation of marine turtle hatchlings near a coastal jetty
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Sea-finding in marine turtle hatchlings: What is an appropriate exclusion zone to limit disruptive impacts of industrial light at night?
K Pendoley, RL Kamrowski
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Multiple satellite tracking datasets inform green turtle conservation at a regional scale
LC Ferreira, M Thums, S Fossette, P Wilson, T Shimada, AD Tucker, ...
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Influence of horizon elevation on the sea-finding behaviour of hatchling flatback turtles exposed to artificial light glow
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Flexible foraging: Post-nesting flatback turtles on the Australian continental shelf
PA Whittock, KL Pendoley, M Hamann
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 477, 112-119, 2016
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